Volodymyr Zelensky #2

January 11, 2020: In a statement Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky says Ukraine is seeking ‘justice’ after Iran accidentally shot down Ukraine airline PS752 on January 8, 2020. Eleven Ukrainians, including nine crew members, died in the shooting.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s chart progressed to January 8, 2020

Birth data (from him) is January 25, 1978 at 2.00am MSK 33E21; 47N55 (A)

In his chart progressed Mars – planet of missiles – at 25N00 in house 2 (finances) was parallel birth chart Mars at 24N26 in house 3 (short journeys).

Progressed Moon (at 8 Pisces 21 in house 10) was sesquisquare progressed Mars at 22 Cancer 30 in house 2 (finances). It stimulated the Mars progression and defined an 8-week timeframe during which a major Mars event could occur. 

Progressed Sun – the ruler of house 9 (planes and air travel) – at 17 Pisces 28 in house 10 was square (obstacle) birth chart Neptune – planet of aviation – at 17 Sagittarius 31 in house 6.

And progressed Mercury – the ruler of house 8 (death) – at 25 Pisces 57 in house 11 was square (obstacle) progressed Jupiter – planet of finances – at 26 Gemini 31 in house 1 (his personal affairs) and inconjunct progressed Saturn – planet of grief and justice – cusp ruler of house 8 (death), house 9 (airline travel) and house 10 (public standing) at 25 Leo 33R in house 4.

The Mars-missile event was timed by transit Venus (at 23 Aquarius 07 in house 10) inconjunct progressed Mars and transit Saturn (at 22 Capricorn 14 in house 8) and transit Pluto (at 22 Capricorn 37 in house 8) opposition progressed Mars.

The house 9-Sun-Neptune aviation event was timed by transit Sun (at 17 Capricorn16 in house 8) sextile progressed Sun and semisextile birth chart Neptune.

And the house 8-Mercury death event was timed by transit Mercury (at 15 Capricorn 44 in house 8) conjunction birth chart Mercury.

With progressed Midheaven (publicity) at 2 Aries 42 in house 11 sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Moon at 17 Leo 43 in house 3 Zelensky (and Ukraine) received worldwide media coverage.  

The Midheaven-media attention event was timed by transit Venus at 15S27 in house 10 parallel birth chart Midheaven at 14S42.

His chart’s astrodyne report

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