Hermetic astrology 101

An introduction for new visitors


What is astrology?

Astrology is a natural science that studies and investigates the influence of the planets and zodiac signs.

Piscean Age astrology

The Age of Pisces was driven be belief and superstition.

Aquarius and the new astrology

Evidence-based knowledge defines the Age of Aquarius.

The Hermetic system of astrology

Hermetic astrology is grounded in ancient traditions that have been rigorously tested to determine their validity.

You have a birth chart

Your life began in time and space and your journey started the moment you took your first breath.

Your birth chart is a me-map

Your birth chart tells a story and it’s all about you.

The junk astrology dilemma

Astrological affects that do not have a proven influence are identified as junk astrology.

Ten things you should know about astrology

The real world of astrology is a continent of scientific knowledge but there’s basic information that’s important to know.

The primary theories of astrology

The natural laws that define astrology are based on theories.

Astrology in the internet age

In the age of www.astrology a sublime science-religion has been degraded into fortune-telling and free daily forecasts.

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