Ten things you should know about astrology

1. Astrology is the science of the soul and stars.

2. Astrology studies the natural laws that influence you and the events and developments that occur on the planet where you live.

3. The ‘I Believe’ mystical approach to astrology is now ancient history. It has been replaced by the 'I Know' approach which utilizes scientific methods to acquire astrological information and to determine what astrology can and can’t do.

4. A reliable assessment of your character and life experience requires an accurately timed birth chart. And to accurately forecast future events and conditions your birth chart must be progressed to a specified date in the future.

5. Scientific astrology does not deal with predetermined specific events. A birth chart constructed for a precise time, date and place does not map specific events. It can be progressed to correlate with certain possible events, but your now-astrology doesn’t map specific events either.

6. Scientific astrology is not-fortune-telling. Fortune-teller type astrologers read charts, describe scenes and give detailed accounts of upcoming events using extrasensory perception. They use the chart as a divinatory device.It’s because fortune-teller type astrologers make predictions that seem inevitable that it’s commonly believed that astrology foretells specific events in detail, and that it’s chiefly concerned with forecasting future events. It isn’t.

7. Astrological energies by themselves do not mark for specific events. But when conditioning by experience and present environment are factored in the probability of a certain event taking place is greatly increased. Yet this event, if intelligently anticipated, is subject to much personal control. You can employ astrological intelligence to change an event, or to successfully adapt to an event that you can’t.

8. Astrology, by itself, cannot bring about desired results. As the active-agent its influence is comparable to the weather. You cannot change the weather but if you know beforehand what weather or astrological conditions are forecast you can adapt your behavior to take greater advantage of the fine, sunny spell, or take measures to protect yourself from the cold, wind and rain.

9. Astrology cannot make an unhappy marriage happy. But it can indicate the traits and attributes that conduce to marital misfortune and how they can be changed to promote happiness and success. Astrology can’t turn a pauper into a millionaire. But it can pinpoint the habits and attitudes that promote work problems and financial difficulties. And astrology can prevent disease with diet and other precautionary measures. So, no matter the situation, astrology can provide personal advice and valuable guidance.

10. Scientific astrology denies fatalism and advocates freewill. Your conduct is not predetermined. You have much more liberty of choice and action than you ever imagined. Up until the moment an event actually occurs you can prevent it, or make it come to pass in a different way. But it’s easy to develop the idea that you’re a puppet and your birth chart and local environment are pulling the strings. Yet you can liberate yourself from this state of fatality by deciphering the logic of your birth chart and not-conscious soul-mind. The function of astrology is to explain the laws under which they operate.

Author: DW Sutton

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