Piscean Age astrology

Astrology has been around for a very long time.

Its roots can be traced to an unknown ancient past and it was not only humanity’s first science, it was humanity’s first religion.

It’s had a significant influence throughout history and like all scientific disciplines its knowledge-base undergoes transformation and expansion in response to new discoveries and developments.

The first astrologers

The first astrologers gathered their astrological science in a different time and place.

They went beyond matter and used their psychic and spiritual powers to investigate the inner-realm of astrological energies.

Their investigative research revealed that the human soul was part of the natural world and connected to the universe.

They concluded that astrology – the science of the soul and stars – provided evidence of Divine intervention.

The planets and zodiac signs were God’s agents and through them each soul’s evolutionary journey was specified and managed. To the first astrologers this was a self-evident truth.

Claudius Ptolemy

The first astrologers placed their astrological knowledge in the sky and around 50AD Claudius Ptolemy assembled astrology’s knowledge-base in a book entitled Tetrabiblos.

At this time the mystical water sign, Pisces, was in charge of the proceedings here on Earth so it was inevitable that the ancient astrological wisdom would become tainted with wild superstitions and untested beliefs.

And for 1900 years astrology was guided by Ptolemy and superstition.

During the Age of Pisces there were basic astrological principles that explained behavior and a lot of fantastic rules that were employed to predict events.

Events were caused by the zodiac signs, planets, and almost everything else in the sky.

Fixed stars and non-astrological markers were placed in the chart with wild abandon.

Birth charts were used to describe character, explain events and make forecasts but they were never accurate.

The chart was used as a divinatory device so any genuine astrological knowledge was acquired by extrasensory perception.

The old astrology

The old astrology was influenced by unsubstantiated beliefs, superstition and mystical folly.

The driving force was extrasensory perception, not deductive reasoning.

There was no understanding of the mechanisms that explained how human behavior could be influenced by a planet in the sky and no attempt was made to create and develop a science of astrology.

The old astrology was an unscientific discipline and the old astrologers were mostly fortune-tellers.

Then, with the dawning of Aquarius in 1881, came cyclic change.

Author: DW Sutton

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