Aquarius and the new astrology

Aquarius was the natural successor to Pisces and the Age of Aquarius commenced in 1881.

It’s an intellectual zodiac sign that’s motivated to acquire knowledge and the transition from Pisces to Aquarius brought scientific upheaval and the gradual dismantling of many Piscean Age belief systems. And astrology was not immune from the radical transformation.

In the first half of the 20th-century the old astrology was given a scientific makeover and now we know what the new scientific astrology looks like.

Character plays the lead role

The new astrology declares that your life is the result of your character doing its thing and your entire character is clearly defined by the astrology code in your birth chart.

The idea that an event in your life occurs when a planet or some other object in the sky bumps into a planet or whatever in your birth chart has been declared irrational and absurd.

The new astrology claims that character is destiny and it has the evidence to prove it.

The new astrology, through statistical research, confirms that there are 22 astrological markers that have an easily identifiable function and effect; that ten different angular relationship, called aspects, have an easily identifiable influence on the functionality of the planets; and that the houses in the birth chart represent the environmental setting in which you and your astrology code operate.

The new astrology discovered the relationship that exists between your astrology code, the environmental setting in which it operates and your life experience.

Both the code and the environment are considered dynamic variables that influence your thoughts, feelings and actions and the dynamic relationship that exists between the two variables is the focus of the new astrology.

Measurement eliminates guesswork

The new astrology is not a vague body of astrological information and the birth chart is not a map of mystical symbols.

It’s a map of astrological energies that have their character correlates.

The new astrology works with classified data, keywords and rules.

It employs measurement in the chart assessment process.

The astrodynes, harmodynes and discordynes have taken center stage.

When applied to an accurately timed birth chart the mathematical precision is breathtaking.

The astrodynes have eliminated guesswork and uncertainty.

By measuring the relative strength and functionality of all the key markers in your birth chart the new astrology allows you to know yourself and track your life using numbers.

The new astrology provides researched-based astrological facts and the scientific data allows you to employ reason in your search for meaning and self-understanding.

The new astrology

The new astrology employs computer technology. A computer program calculates your chart and its astrodynes.

This greatly reduces the chance of error and frees up your time. By spending less time doing calculations you can devote more time to understanding your astrology code.

But when it comes to analyzing the data in your birth chart the world’s most powerful supercomputer is rendered useless.

Who you are today is the result of your character development at birth as mapped by your birth chart, your conditioning by experience since then and your current circumstances. And you can’t program crucial data like this into a computer.

The new astrology confirms the ancient teaching that through the planets and zodiac signs in your birth chart God is taking a personal interest in your development. It allows you to know what God intends for you.

It proves that you’re not DNA in motion.

It’s a self-science that instructs you on how to play a pro-active role in your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

And Elbert Benjamine and the Brotherhood of Light have their fingerprints all over the new astrology.

Author: DW Sutton

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