How natal Hermetic astrology works

If you’re going to believe in something you should know what you’re believing in and astrology is the science of the soul and stars.

But in the 21st Century astrology world abounds with mystical folly and absurd and conflicting ideas. It’s a ragtag collection of information about the planets and zodiac signs that has no discernible purpose. Believers express opinions not evidence-based facts.

So you only have one course of action and that’s to access the available facts and assess what they mean for yourself; and this includes an understanding of the theory of astrology that explains how it works.

At the start you need to know that the data upon which astrology rests is purely experimental. Just like Darwin’s theory of evolution and Einstein’s theory of relativity it rests upon data that is necessary to form a hypothesis or theory as a working basis.

The theory of evolution and the theory of relativity are carefully thought-out explanations for observations of the natural world which were constructed by bringing together many facts and suppositions using the scientific method.

And Elbert Benjamine’s theory of astrology is based on data necessary to form a hypothesis. He uses the scientific method to bring together many facts and theorems to explain how a planet billions of miles from Earth and the zodiac, which is a belt of astral energy that encircles the Earth, influence your intelligence and ability development through events you experience.

Elbert explains the mechanics of astrology – how non material astral energies can influence physical matter – and invites you to profit from his insights.

But first, let’s clarify what we’re talking about.

The science of the soul and stars

Astrology is based on the hypothesis that the Sun, Moon and eight planets of our solar system and the groups of stars identified as the constellations influence your character development and life journey.

Its knowledge is identified as the science of the soul and stars and its current store of information, which you can access and learn, is neatly packaged in the Hermetic system of natal astrology.

Science is factual information that’s grounded in observation, investigative research and statistical analysis; the soul is a non-physical astral entity that has a God-given function and purpose; and the stars depict in symbolic images the roles that souls are to play in God’s great evolutionary enterprise.

Your soul, which is commonly called your unconscious or not-conscious mind, is an evolving astral intelligence. It’s a force of nature that exists on a high-speed astral plane; and through evolutionary experience it acquires and develops intelligence and ability.

Your life is a forever memory and at the human stage the emergence of self-consciousness and you – the objective observer with a capacity to reason and remember – is a defining moment in your soul’s consciousness development.  

The 48 constellations in the sky are groups of fixed stars that form recognizable patterns. They have no influence on your life personally. Rathar, in pictograph language, they reveal the influence of their corresponding zodiac signs. 

The zodiac is composed of 12 distinct sections called signs. Each has a well defined and easily observed vibrational quality which gives the astral energies transmitted by a planet located in it a special mode of expression. 

The planets – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – are the chief sources of astrological energies. They radiate astral and spiritual energies that have yet to be detected by Aquarian Age technology.

The Sun, the star at the center of the Solar System, is 149.6 million km from Earth; and Pluto, the most recently discovered planet is 5.8 billion km from the Sun; but their distance from Earth isn’t an issue when it comes to their having an influence on life.

That’s because the velocities of the fourth dimensional astral realm exceed the speed of light: And that means the astral energies radiated by the planets cannot directly impact and influence low-velocity, physical substance.

What’s needed is an astral reception centre – your soul – that’s attached to your physical body by an adhesive force – psychokinesis – and an intermediary go-between energy – electromagnetism – which facilitates two-way information streaming between the high-speed astral plane and the low-speed physical plane.


Psychokinesis (aka telekinesis) refers to the moving of physical objects, or otherwise affecting physical substance and conditions, by the non-physical power of mind and thought.

You need to know that psychokinesis is dismissed by orthodox science because attempts to prove its existence by experiments involving conscious mental force failed the repeat test. Also, its materialistic model of life and the universe is unable to account for its existence.  

But psychokinesis is not a power possessed by conscious thought. It’s a power possessed by the thought-cell groups embedded in your soul-consciousness.

These thought-cell groups largely determine your thoughts, emotions and actions and exert psychokinetic power to mold your local environment to bring into your life the conditions and events they desire which can be fortunate and beneficial or unfortunate and detrimental.

So, your soul is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts and psychokinesis plays a vital role in explaining Elbert Benjamine’s theory of astrology.  

The other vital factor is electromagnetic energy.

Electromagnetic energy

As one of the four fundamental forces of nature electromagnetic energy is everywhere. It facilitates communication and when you tune your radio, watch television or send a text message you’re using electromagnetic energy.

The cells of your physical body are miniature batteries that generate electromagnetic impulses which produce an electromagnetic field.

It’s apparently weak when compared to other fields and difficult to measure but as a boundary line (intermediary) energy field it facilitates communication between your soul that exists on a high speed astral plane and your physical brain and body that exist on the low speed Earth plane.

So the astrological energies that define the inner-astral-world’s environment can only influence physical life here on Earth via the electromagnetic energies generated by the cells of a physical body.

These electromagnetic energies which have approximately the speed of light are generated in abundance by your nerve and brain cells and constitute both your nerve currents and life.

Electromagnetic energy facilitated the building of your physical body by your soul according to its genetic blueprint – previous experience had taught it what to do. It facilitates the management of your body’s biological process by your soul – previous experience has taught it what to do; and it facilitates the instant streaming of your acquired intelligence and developed habits which are saved in memory in the thought structures of your soul.

Life is intelligence and ability expressing through form and the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel and the events you experience – your life – is just your character, intelligence and ability doing their thing.

Your astral body

Finally to get the facts right: When you refer to your soul you’re actually referring to the intelligence and ability that is permanently saved within the thought-structures of your thought-built astral body. 

It interpenetrates your physical body; is a thought replica of your physical self; and the quality of its thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings you think measure your mental, emotional and spiritual vibratory rate which determines the astral plane you occupy and function on.

So your physical body has a brain and your astral body has a soul or astral brain and the thought-structure of your astral body defines your character. It has an astrological profile: See your birth chart.

To summarize Elbert Benjamine’s’ theory of astrology

The planets transmit astrological energies.

They’re picked up (radio fashion) by your soul and produce a reaction in its consciousness.

Your soul is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts and the electromagnetic field created by the cells of your physical body facilitates a similar reaction-change in your conscious thinking.

The psychokinetic power of not-conscious thought stimulates you to be in an environment where the reaction can take place.

Changes in the health of your astral (thought) body are replicated in the health of your physical body.

And never forget: Astrological laws are not deterministic. They do control your soul’s consciousness development, but the events and conditions predisposed by the changes in its consciousness due to these laws are not inevitable.

By acting on birth chart and progressed chart knowledge you can exercise intelligence and initiative and change or avoid what’s indicated.

Author: DW Sutton

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