The birth chart

The greatest map of all

They’re substitute stand-ins that simplify what you’re studying or trying to predict.

Your birth chart maps your character and defines a life story that sustains your development.

It’s a map of the sky that pictures the Sun, Moon, eight planets and twelve zodiac signs.

Four bits of data are needed to calculate your birth chart.

An almost accurate birth time calculates a birth chart that provides reliable personal data.

It’s a formula for the development of a special kind of intelligence and ability.

It’s a blueprint for living and a self-development resource.

It allows you to have a direct first person experience of your not-conscious soul-mind.

It’s an educational resource that allows you to learn about your thought and feeling world.

It’s a self-information provider that constantly generates new personal insights.

Your character is everything that is you.

It’s inviting you to actively participate in your physical, emotional and intellectual development.

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