Your birth data

Your life journey as a human soul began in time and space – the time you were born at the place you were born – thus it is totally appropriate that your birth chart should be calculated for your time and place of birth.

The four (4) bits of data needed to calculate your birth chart are

            1 – your date of birth

            2 – your time of birth

            3 – the geographical coordinates of your place of birth and

            4 – its time zone

There’s no doubt that you will know your birth date and birth place but your birth time is the crucial factor.

An accurate birth time provides an accurate chart and an accurate chart provides a clearer image of your character and life experience.

Your birth time

Your birth time should be documented on your birth certificate or some other birth record.

If you don’t have a birth certificate or other written record you should request the information from the relevant state authority or the hospital where you were born.

If this fails you will have to rely on your mother’s memory or the recollections of some other family member. Unfortunately memory can become unreliable over time and if your birth time is vaguely recalled as ‘early morning’ or ‘around midday’ you will have to sleuth around and narrow the time down as best you can – preferably to the nearest minute.

This level of accuracy is needed because the birth time more than any other factor affects the accuracy of the chart.

The Earth rotates through one (1) minute of longitude in 4 seconds of time so a slight difference between the actual time you took your first breath and the time that’s recorded or remembered affects the chart’s accuracy.

Your recorded birth time represents the time that was on a timing device – clock or wristwatch – when you were born and you won’t know its level of accuracy.

And the chances of the recorded time being the precise moment you took your first breath are slim.

But you should accept any written record of your birth time as accurate, but not precise.

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