Your chart is a map of your soul

Your soul, as the spiritual/moral part of your physical being, is most commonly associated with orthodox religion.

And conventional science after probing around in your brain for ages is quite certain that you don’t have one.

New age psychology on the other hand knows a lot about your soul, but it unwittingly calls it your unconscious mind.

So contrary to conventional science your soul is not a myth and contrary to orthodox religion it’s not a vague, unknowable, nothingness that can only be imagined.

Your soul is your unconscious (not-conscious) mind and your birth chart is a map of your soul.

Your soul

Your soul is a thought-built entity.

It’s an organization of thoughts, feelings and impulses.

You might refer to it as your mind, your inner world, your thought and feeling world, your unconscious mind, not-conscious mind or character.

But all these commonly used terms identify your soul.

Your soul has a conscious part – your conscious field of mental activity that you’re aware of; and a not-conscious part – your not-conscious field of mental activity that is hidden from you.

States of consciousness emerge in response to experience.

Your soul is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts and these thoughts, embedded with feeling energy, in response to experience stream into your brain to become part of your conscious field of mental activity.

All your behavior is an expression of your not-conscious mental activity responding to the events and situations you encounter.

Your strongest thoughts and feelings direct your life and conduct.

And your birth chart is a map of your soul’s thought and feeling world as it has been built by experience up to the moment of your human birth.

Your chart is a map of your soul

Your birth chart allows you to have a direct first person experience of your soul.

It permits soul-deep understanding.

It’s a tell-all self-information provider that you can systematically explore.

There’s no need for guesswork, brain storming, wild speculation or strange meditative practices.

Your birth chart is a map of your soul and your life is organized along similar lines to your soul’s consciousness structure.

The chart allows you to observe your soul in action and to scientifically assess your astrological potential.

It reveals how universal astrological energies and astrological laws are operating in a personal context.

So, when it comes to self-understanding, it excels when your religious counselor, DNA profile, genetic code and brain imaging all fail hopelessly.

Author: DW Sutton

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