The greatest map of all

Maps are fashionable these days.

There’s a map of the human genome and a map of the brain.

But from the ancient past comes the most extraordinary map of all.

Like all maps it’s a diagrammatic representation, but it doesn’t map the countries in the world, the streets of a city or the atmospheric conditions influencing the weather.

It’s a map of the soul – its consciousness structure, intelligence type, special features and place in God’s great evolutionary plan.

It defines a soul’s life story and reason for being.

Its discovery, along with the astrological messages it contains, was the greatest intellectual moment of all time.

The map is not a rough draft involving vague speculations.

Its breathtaking mathematical precision and the scope of the information it contains is awesome.

It’s called the birth chart.

It’s the greatest map of all.

The first astrologers

The birth chart is an ancient technology.

The first astrologers gathered their astrological knowledge in a different time and place.

There were no telescopes or microscopes so it’s presumed they used their extrasensory perceptions skills to learn about the birth chart, the zodiac and planets.

They uploaded their astrological wisdom into the sky.

Knowledge of the birth chart, which allows astrological knowledge to be applied to individuals, was passed on by word of mouth and then the written word.

Maps usually evolve over time but it’s safe to say that the first birth charts only displayed essential astrological data.

But it’s unlikely that the first astrologers had the scientific, mathematical and astronomical expertise to calculate technically accurate charts.

But Aquarian Age technology has now revolutionized the calculation of the chart.

Charts today are the most accurate ever constructed.

Aquarian age astrology

Your genetic code is the way in which instructions for building proteins – the basic structural molecules of living matter – are written in the genetic material.

Watching your brain cells fire simply reveals what thoughts and feelings are being streamed into your conscious field of mental activity from your not-conscious mental world.

You can’t study your thoughts in a test tube, you can’t observe your not-conscious mental activity with an electron microscope, and you can’t use your DNA profile to accurately forecast your future.

Your need your birth chart.

It provides breath-taking data.

Your chart tags you with an astral identity, defines your intelligence type, explains why you exist, measures your character and allows you to actively participate in your intelligence and ability development.

It’s the greatest map of all.

Author: DW Sutton

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