Aquarian Age occultism

The scientific investigation of occult energies


What is occultism?

It’s the study of hidden forces and energies.

Occult science

There are 21 branches.


It really is a great mystery.

The soul is a force of nature

It’s a dynamic component of a living universe.

Astrology is the great occult science

It’s the golden key that unlocks the mysteries of the soul.

Fundamental occult data

Occultism is grounded in basic data and first principles.

The astral soul-world

It’s a high speed world where velocities exceed the speed of light.

Life on the inner-astral-plane

A brief account of inner-plane existence.

Aquarian Age occultism

It embraces astrology, environment, psychology and the soul.

Studying the occult sciences

There’s no danger but you need to be sensible.

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