What is occultism?

Occult means that which is hidden.

Occultism is the science of hidden forces and the art of subjecting such forces to personal control.

It primarily refers to knowledge of the paranormal including astrological energies and psi phenomena.

Esoteric means ‘designed for, and understood by, the especially initiated alone.’

It refers to information that is not generally available.

The word occult is more commonly applied to some force or law which is not recognized by academic science; and the word esoteric is more commonly applied to some theory, doctrine, or knowledge held within some circle of initiation that is not known to the general public.

Occultism is the study of occult practices.

They include astrology, magic, alchemy, extrasensory perception, spiritism, religion, and divination.

Occult knowledge is knowledge pertaining to occult forces and energies.

It’s usually found on the fringe of society.

Throughout the ages it has been preserved and guarded by secret societies like the Brotherhood of Light.

Some religions and sects enthusiastically embrace occultism as an integral esoteric aspect of the mystical religious experience.

But for others the word occult has negative connotations and some religions are openly hostile towards any form of occultism.


Occultism is the study and investigation of the qualities and properties of hidden forces.

It involves the study, investigation and examination of various types of psychic phenomena, the nature of the inner-astral-plane and how it affects human life.

It resulted in knowledge – the laws of occultism.

The inner-astral-plane is a world of astral energies.

It’s the realm of astrological energies.

Occultism involves the study of these energies, their occult properties and how they operate.

And by understanding these energies you can make them work to your own advantage.

The inner-astral-plane is the realm of soul and consciousness.

Velocities there are greater than the speed of light.

It’s a region where time, distance and gravitation are of a different order.

All phenomena arising from inner-plane properties and energies are not subject to physical laws.

They are grouped by scientists under the term psi phenomena and every type comes under one of three categories: extrasensory perception, psychokinesis and astrological energies.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, psychometry and precognition are all forms of extrasensory perception.

They are all methods of gaining information through means that don’t involve the use of the physical senses and reason.

And university experiments reveal that consciousness on the inner-plane, where velocities are greater than light, not only perceives the now moment it can move either backward or forward along world lines.

Moving backward, it can perceive happenings of the past and moving forward, it can perceive happenings of the future.

University researchers have also conducted experiments and tests into psychokinesis or the psychokinetic effect.

These experiments prove that the mind (and thought) can exert an influence across space to influence the movement of physical objects.

All types of psychic phenomena results from the psychokinetic effect.

Occultism and you

On the physical-Earth-plane where you live you’re influenced by the people you meet and the weather.

Heat waves, cold-snaps and storms can cause you distress and discomfort.

And on the inner-astral-plane astrological energies perform a similar function.

Friction events, frustrating obstacles and painful separations can cause you mental and emotional discomfort

The astrological energies mapped in your birth chart define inner-plane weather conditions and occultism embraces the study and investigation of these energies.

Author: DW Sutton

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