Aquarian Age occultism

Occultism is the study and application of occult energies.

Occult knowledge is acquired through astrological research and extrasensory perception – the reports of the psychic senses.

It’s a progressive science and in the Age of Aquarius we now know more about occult laws and energies than ever before.

Occultism progresses as new facts are discovered.

Its knowledge-base is continually modified to include additional information.

The idea that occult forces operate mysteriously at a distance has given way to the conception of finer energies being broadcast from one object to another in a manner similar to that of the radio.

And with the discovery of electromagnetic energy, psychokinesis and the unconscious or not-conscious mind the method by which these forces affect you and your destiny has been clearly revealed.

Aquarian Age occultism divides the source of the occult energies or vibratory rates that influence life under three headings.

Vibrations from the planets in the sky are grouped under astrology.

The vibrations radiated by various objects are grouped under environment.

And the vibrations emanating from the minds of people, incarnate and discarnate, are broadly grouped as psychology.

As a whole they represent occult science.


When it comes to the influence of the planets on life Aquarian Age occultism has no interest in unsubstantiated beliefs or theories.

It’s far more devoted to facts than theories.

Facts are provided by research and the statistical analysis of thousands of birth charts.

The end result is mathematical certainty.

The scientific Aquarian Age astrologer follows modern scientific research methods in the investigation of the energies radiated by the planets and zodiac signs.

S/he spares no pains to ascertain the facts to support a theory.


Aquarian Age occultism has reason to believe that every object has a vibration which it radiates and that these vibratory rates are similar in kind and quality to the energies radiated by the planets.

Objects are considered to be mediumistic transmitters of energy.

People, objects, and energies such as thoughts, fall into definite groups according to the quality of energy they radiate.

These groups are named after the planets.

Aquarian Age occultism works to carefully observe the influence and quality of objects and energies for the express purpose of classifying them according to the planetary vibratory scale.

This classification can determine how the proximity of a given object or given energy will affect you personally.

Aquarian Age occultism claims that everything has a vibratory rate because science holds that everything acts as a wave of light.


Aquarian Age occultism considers thoughts.

They broadcast energy and emanate from what psychologists call the unconscious mind.

Thoughts have a remarkable similarity to the vibratory influence of the planets and accordingly are placed in groups that have the same kind of influence as one of the planets.

Psychology makes every effort to correct character defects that express as mental health and other psychological problems, but Aquarian Age occultism, through the application of properly selected thoughts, attempts a complete reorganization of the character.

Your character is mapped in your birth chart.

The reorganizing or rebuilding of your character should be undertaken for mental, emotional and spiritual purposes.

Aquarian Age occultism does not deal in entertaining information and fascinating theories.

It utilizes and applies the knowledge of invisible energies to build up a superior character that radiates goodness and noble ideals.

The not-conscious soul-mind

The unconscious mind is conceived by occultism to have a very special structure.

It is not a ghost or a mere nothing, but definite organizations of energy in astral and other finer substances.

It’s responsible for psychic phenomena that defy explanation.

Clairvoyance and telepathy are activities of the soul but the conversion of the vibratory images that are seen and heard into a density state that allows them to be recognized by the objective mind requires special training unless you are naturally sensitive.

Author: DW Sutton

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