Fundamental occult data

The planets have been in the sky for billions of years and the energies they transmit represent fundamental occult data.

It’s an astrological theory, which is easy to confirm, that the planets of our solar system, including the Sun and Moon, transmit astral radiations that impact and influence life on Earth.

These astrological energies impact the soul of every living thing.

They influence the course of evolution and the type of intelligence and ability that’s acquired through experience.

At the start the first astrologers didn’t have access to the modern scientific data that explains and supports the theory, but in the Age of Aquarius this fundamental data has been discovered, investigated and researched.

The zodiac is a stationary (fixed) field of force in the astral world.

It has 12 distinct sections called signs that represent fundamental occult data.

When viewed from the Earth the planets are located in these signs and each sign gives the energy of a planet a unique mode of expression.

The science of astrology rests upon the fundamental occult data provided by the planets and zodiac.

Electromagnetic energy and psychokinesis

The astrological energies radiated by the planets cannot directly influence physical life.

The velocities of the astral (thought) world are too high to affect the (low) velocities of the physical world.

But the electromagnetic energies generated by the cells of your brain and nervous system have properties that allow your not-conscious soul-mind to influence your conscious mental life and physical body.

Your soul is a receiving set for the astral energies being transmitted by the planets in your birth chart.

And electromagnetic energy provides an e-connection that permits your soul or mind to control and manage your body.

It’s the fundamental energy that constitutes the vital principle of all physical life.

Thoughts are electrical in nature and all physical bodies run on electricity.

Electricity is the primitive first substance referred to in the works of the ancient alchemists.

Your mind or soul resides on an astral plane.

It’s adhered to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its own thoughts and the electromagnetic energies generated in abundance by your body’s nervous system make the connection, and the transmission of information, possible.

Some take-home messages

The inner-astral-world comprises the astral vibrations of the Sun, Moon, 8 planets and 12 zodiac signs.

The ancients acquired astrological truths that have been handed down to posterity via the language of the stars.

These truths were once kept secret but Elbert Benjamine brought that policy to an end.

And they were never subject to scientific investigation and explanation.

But when humanity’s knowledge base expanded to include information pertaining to electromagnetic energy, psychokinesis, relativity and the laws of psychology the ancient truths were supported by scientific evidence.

Astrological energies, electromagnetic energy, psychokinesis and the laws that control the evolution of soul intelligence represent fundamental occult data.

The planets transit astral radiations that have yet to be detected and investigated by conventional science, but their lack of independent verification doesn’t mean they don’t.

Author: DW Sutton

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