Occult science

When the influence of an existing energy or force is unknown it is classified as occult.

The identification tag ‘occult’ indicates that the energy and its influence are hidden.

But when the force becomes recognized and understood it is no longer occult.

Gravitation and electromagnetism were once occult forces.

Science is a way of finding out about things.

It refers to the method employed and the knowledge that’s acquired.

And the idea of occult science first appeared in late-19th and early 20th centuries.

It suggested the application of the scientific method to the investigation of energies and forces that were considered occult.

So, occult science refers to the scientific investigation of occult energies and the knowledge pertaining to these energies.

The scientific method is a way of getting to the truth of a matter through measurement and statistical analysis.

And you’re living in a world where those who scream loudest about science and the scientific method refuse to investigate astrological energies.

By blindly accepting the unsubstantiated claims of their peers they prove they have unconscious prejudices and fears that cause them to behave in a manner that is totally unscientific.

When it comes to astrological energies most scientists have their opinions formed by their uninformed associates.

Ignorance of astrology and astrological energies is widespread.

Occult science

The idea of occult science is relatively recent.

It first appeared in the late-19th and early 20th centuries.

Back then attempts were made to systematically research occult concepts using commonly employed and accepted research methods.

The application of the scientific method to the investigation of any occult phenomenon was the most reliable way of accurately describing and understanding it.

Between 1915 and 1949 Elbert Benjamine applied the scientific method to the investigation of occult energies.

In a work of monumental proportions he systematized the 21 branches of occult science. They are

Laws of occultism

Astrological signatures

Spiritual alchemy

Ancient masonry

The Sacred Tarot

Spiritual astrology

Mental alchemy

Delineating and progressing the horoscope

Divination and character analysis

Evolution of life and religion

Mundane astrology

Occultism applied

Weather predicting

Stellar healing

Cosmic alchemy

Imponderable forces

Organic alchemy

The next life and

Personal alchemy

Occult science is the investigation and systematic research of occult forces and that’s what Elbert Benjamine did.

He employed research methods, including measurement and statistical analysis, in his quest to understand, describe and explain astrological energies and psi phenomena.

Knowledge of these matters was always considered suspect and impossible to test.

But astrological energies can be measured and Elbert Benjamine provided knowledge of the measureable.

Such knowledge is usually referred to as science.

Occult science and you

There’s a vast amount of astrological knowledge.

The Sacred Tarot is jam-packed with occult knowledge and mystic lore.

But the information that’s commonly available on astrology and other occult matters is best described as unsubstantiated belief that has never been scientifically tested.

The Brotherhood of Light remedied this situation by issuing lessons covering all 21 branches of occult science.

But maybe the abstruse world of occult energies and psi phenomena doesn’t stir your interest or get you excited.

Maybe astrology and your birth chart is enough.

Whatever, when it comes to astrology, the birth chart and psi phenomena, the world you’re living in provides a maze of misleading disconnected fragments rather than systematically presented scientific verities.

You need to be aware.

Author: DW Sutton

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