The soul is a force of nature

Misconceptions about the soul abound.

It’s a religious, rather than scientific issue, and religion assumes the existence of a vital spiritual force.

It’s commonly defined as the immortal essence of a person, living thing or object and is described as: The immaterial essence – animating principle – actuating cause of an individual life – the spiritual principle embodied in human beings – a person’s total self – the moral and emotional nature of human beings – the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment – and the spiritual or moral force.

But you might be surprised to learn that in modern psychology this immortal essence is identified as the unconscious mind.

And in Hermetic science your soul is your unconscious or not-conscious mind.

It’s best described as a force of nature – an organized system of thoughts, feelings and impulses and there’s nothing mysterious about your soul.

Its feeling, intelligence and ability, at any point in time, are a mental legacy of previous experience.

You’re more inclined to call your thought and feeling world your mind, but the terms ‘mind’ and ‘soul’ – and unconscious, not-conscious mind and character – all refer to the same thing.

No two souls are the same; so no two souls express the same type of feeling, intelligence and ability.

Soul is the life-principle and it’s a glorious privilege to be born a human soul.

Your soul is a force of nature

Your soul is a dynamic component of a living universe.

It’s a force of nature.

It’s a thought system that has a definite thought structure.

The system possesses organizing power and the events and conditions you experience cause the formation of thought elements, thought-cell groups and thought-cell structures.

Your birth chart details what’s been formed up to the time of your human birth.

Dynamic thought drivers within the system give your life direction and intent.

Desire is a dynamic driving force.

It’s a natural component of the mental experience and your life experience moves in a direction indicated by your soul’s strongest desires.

All your thoughts and feelings – your care, concern, alertness, love, pride, aggression, hate, fear and hope – originate in your not-conscious soul-mind.

Your soul is not made of physical substance.

It’s an energy potential – a force of nature – that’s made of astral substance.

It’s where all your experiences are recorded as memory.

It animates your physical body and manages its biochemical processes.

Your life is an expression of your soul’s intelligence and ability.

As a dynamic force of nature your soul is always moving forward.

You only attract those experiences that contribute to the development of the special ability that only you possess.

Nature abhors stagnation and the problems you encounter are learning experiences that sustain the development of your intelligence and ability.

As a human soul you’ve attained self-consciousness.

It’s a glorious milestone.

Your soul is virtually immortal and you have a twin soul of the opposite sex.

It too is an off-spring of the creative living universe.

Your soul defines who you are.

Everything that is you – the angel and the devil – is your soul.

As a human soul you seek to make sense of your existence.

You learn, remember, hope, wait and search for answers.

You would like to know more about your soul so it needs to be independently investigated by properly trained and qualified researchers.

Till then Hermetic science will put you in the picture.

Author: DW Sutton

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