Astrology is the great occult science

In the very smart 21st-century astrology is considered a pseudoscience.

It’s dismissed and ridiculed by academic intelligence without investigation.

Yet Hippocrates the ‘father of medicine’ claimed that ‘the doctor who does not understand astrology is a fool’.

Claudius Ptolemy stated: ‘I know that I am mortal and the creature of a day; but when I search out the massed wheeling circles of the stars, my feet no longer touch the earth, but, side by side with Zeus himself, I take my fill of ambrosia, the food of the gods.’

In the 13th-century Guido Bonatti claimed: ‘All things are known to the astrologer. All that has taken place in the past, all that will happen in the future – everything is revealed to him, since he knows the effects of the heavenly motions which have been, those which are, and those which will be, and since he knows at what time they will act, and what effects they ought to produce.’

And Tycho Brahe stated: ‘We cannot deny the influence of the stars without disbelieving in the wisdom of God.’ Then he proved the physical effect of the planets on the Earth.

More recently Elbert Benjamine (aka CC Zain) claimed ‘Astrology is the most perfect instrument in existence for the interpretation of man’s true relation to the universe and God.’

He then proceeded to document and systematize the 21 branches of occult science.

So you know that when Hippocrates, Ptolemy, Tycho Brahe and Elbert Benjamine talk about astrology they’re not referring the popular Sun-sign fortune-telling that populates the Aquarian Age internet.

They’re referring to the great occult science that unlocks the door to all the great mysteries.

Astrology is the great occult science

Occult means hidden and the energies radiated by the planets are occult because they haven’t been placed under the scientific microscope by independent investigators.

From a personal perspective the great mystery that needs explaining is you and you can unlock the mystery by applying the science of the soul and stars to the interpretation of your birth chart.

Hermetic astrology is the golden key that unlocks the mystery of your soul.

This golden key is constructed upon strictly mathematical lines.

It’s the only means by which you can positively apply mathematics to the door of the past and future.

Mathematics allows you to minimize the chance of error.

Without astrology you’ll never understand who you are and your reason for being.

You’ll never realize the relation of your soul to the universe.

The mystery of life can only be understood and explained by astrology.

The mystery is pictured by the stars in the sky and astrology is the key to its interpretation.

When applied to your birth chart the science of the soul and stars reveals your past, present and future.

With mathematical certainty it deals with causes – not effects.

The principles of astrology represent natural laws and without these principles you’ll remain in ignorance of everything that is you.

Astrology represents the starting point for any worthwhile study of the occult sciences.

The various astral vibratory rates that constitute the occult properties of objects can only be conveniently classified by associating them in terminology with similar vibrations of the zodiac signs and planets.

It can’t be done in any other way.

The chief subjects of study in the occult sciences are astral forces.

And the language of the stars is the only language by which we can intelligently converse of occult matters.

The planets transmit astral vibrations.

Astrology is the study and application of these energies.

And when you assess your own birth chart and observe how progressed aspects coincide with events of similar planetary quality and house rulership no amount of scholastic argument will convince you that Hermetic astrology is a fallacy.

Astrology is the great occult science.

Author: DW Sutton

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