The astral soul-world

You’re very familiar with the material, physical world.

It’s made of matter – a substance that consists of various types of particles, each with mass and size.

Your physical body is also made of material particles – atoms formed of electrons, protons and neutrons.

Matter has inertia and occupies physical space.

Velocity is the speed of something in a given direction and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity predicts that nothing made of matter can move faster than light.

Light consists of photons – particles with no mass – so it’s not a material substance.

It’s an electromagnetic radiation.

And the speed of light – 670,616,629 miles per hour – is the cosmic speed limit.

So Usain Bolt was well within the speed limit when he ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds at a speed of 23.35 miles per hour.

But what about something without mass that is not made of matter – like your Aquarian Age soul?

The astral soul-world

When velocities exceed 186,282 miles per second this substance belongs to the astral realm.

And your Aquarian Age soul is made of high speed astral substance.

This four-dimensional realm of mind, consciousness, thoughts, and feelings has velocities that exceed the speed of light.

It has a quite different order of time, distance and gravitation and it’s where your soul exists.

It’s awaiting scientific investigation – the Piscean Age soul and the soul of religion have had their day – and the evolution of consciousness, prompted by the desire to know, is moving towards an understanding of astral substance, the origin of consciousness and the astral soul-world.

The astral soul-world is the realm of reality and the real flowers, trees and birds as well as the real wild beasts and the real human beings – the good and the bad, the saints and the sinners – exist there occupying their own basic vibratory levels.

It contains innumerable life-forms, thought-forms and objects which have no counterpart on Earth, but every physical form – mineral, vegetable and animal – has a soul.

The astral is the realm of consciousness and all thoughts, feelings and impulses, even the impulses of wild animals, persist there in astral substance.

The quality of a thought is determined by its vibratory rate.

You’re ignorant of this high speed realm because your attention is focused on and more or less absorbed by your physical existence.

Attending to your daily-life routine, and the problems it poses, is the only thing on your mind.

You’re absorbed in personal duties and the satisfaction of your own wants and needs so, even during sleep, you take little notice of your astral surroundings.

There is currently no way of knowing the speed limit of astral substance but when it’s exceeded it’s believed you enter the realm of spiritual substance.

It’s believed that interpenetrating the astral, even as the astral interpenetrates the physical, and having velocities that astral substance cannot attain, is a still finer spiritual realm.

The vibratory levels of the astral realm do not have velocities capable of affecting spiritual substance and they probably range much higher than has generally been recognized.

The thoughts, feelings and impulses that many people call spiritual are really an expression of the higher astral levels.

But certain thoughts and feelings do have a quality which enables them to not only impress astral substance, but through it to also impress spiritual sub-stance.

These most noble thoughts and emotions that inspire the most noble deeds and actions can build a truly spiritual body, which survives in a realm superior to the astral.

So, as a human soul, you have a spiritual potential.

Author: DW Sutton

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