Studying the occult sciences

Astrology is the great occult science but the astrological information that’s commonly available on the Aquarian Age internet is grounded in Piscean Age beliefs.

And it’s easy to believe. All it takes is a pleasant feeling and a pinch of surmise. No evidence-based proof is required.

But it’s the age of science and flimsy evidence won’t do. So, the scientific method employs measurement and statistical analysis. It drills down into data to find the facts of the matter. And Hermetic astrology provides you with the facts of astrology.

You have a soul and your soul exists on an astral plane with other souls.

Astrological energies influence your soul’s developmental journey and to confirm these claims for yourself you will have to learn to assess your birth chart or develop your psychic senses. You need to confirm secret personal truths for yourself.

There is no danger in studying the occult sciences, but the giant leap from belief to knowledge is profound.

Study allows you to acquire knowledge.

The danger arises from what you do or don’t do with the knowledge.

Studing astrology

Hermetic astrology is a huge mental shift. It presents break-through knowledge and a different way of looking at yourself and your life – a new world of information that’s supported by scientific research.

Your birth chart defines you and gives your life meaning and purpose.

There’s no danger in studying your chart. The danger lies in believing unsubstantiated claims and misinformation.

A mere smattering of information about astrology will have you making vague assessments and misguided judgments. The tendency to exaggerate is pronounced. But these tendencies are properly managed by reliable astrological information and serious study.

It’s important to learn and understand the basic data and principles.

You must learn and follow the rules. They represent natural law.

You must follow a systematic chart assessment procedure.

Measurement allows you to create a hierarchy of self-information.

Your birth chart is a compass that you can use to guide your life and if you neglect the rules you’ll make mistakes and suffer the consequences.

A haphazard approach when studying your birth chart will result in faulty judgments.

The realization that progressed aspects define thought-cell activity that produces new events and conditions is personal proof that inner-plane energies and forces are directly influencing your life.

The intelligent use and application of these energies allows you to transform yourself.

Hermetic astrology invites you to become an agent for change.

The capacity to investigate astrological energies through the statistical analysis of birth charts requires high-level expertise. It’s acquired through study and practice.

Extrasensory perception

Your physical body is destined to die but you’ll continue your existence on an astral plane that provides experiences and the opportunity to further develop your intelligence and ability. But you just can’t blindly believe these claims, you need to confirm them for yourself.

And to do this you will have to acquire enough astrological intelligence to understand the implications of progressed aspects or develop your extrasensory perception faculties.

There is a right and wrong way to go about the development of your psychic senses.

The wrong way involves the development of disintegrative mediumship. It involves control by discarnate entities of dubious character.

The astral soul-world is crowded with devils and angels.

The right way involves the transition technique of exercising your psychic senses. It’s a positive intellectual activity so you’re maintaining self-control at all times.

Ignorance is no protection from negative psychic forces so you need to know what they are and how they can be avoided.

The main problem associated with the actual development of your psychic senses involves the oversensitivity of your nervous system. This can result in feeling things too keenly and disagreeable experiences can trigger unpleasant feelings that are very distressful.

You can avoid this problem of oversensitivity by developing intellectual ESP.

If you desire to develop your psychic senses – clairvoyance, precognition etc – its pays to be aware of the facts of the matter before you set out on the journey.

Author: DW Sutton

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