Navigating by the stars

Taking control of your destiny


Navigating by the stars

Not the stars in the sky, the stars in your birth chart.

Know your birth chart

Chart data needs to be comprehended clearly.

Know your conditioning by experience

It's crucial to understand why you have become who you are.

Work with the chart

The information provided by your progressed chart should be utilized and employed.

Apply the astrological message

Heed the message and apply the advice.

Harmonize birth chart discord

Identify your chart's trouble spots and mend what needs fixing.

Explore your chart for possibilities

With self-knowledge and chart-knowledge you can go exploring.

Track your progressed chart

It's very important to monitor your progressed chart regularly.

Be informed, be prepared

It's easier to manage life-changing situations when you're in the know.

Chart your way to personal excellence

You can use your progressed chart to get the best out of yourself.

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