Navigating by the stars

Navigation is the science of finding the position and course traveled and today modern satellite technology and computers allow civil aircraft to navigate with pinpoint accuracy.

Ships have navigational control panels that provide important information to the navigating officer.

And in a similar manner your progressed chart acts as a personal control panel.

It allows you to assess – at designated times – what’s going on in your not-conscious mental world.

It allows you – the pilot and navigator – to monitor your progress.

With your progressed chart you can navigate by the stars – it’s a personal compass.

And its data is superior to that provided by satellites and computers.

Your life journey

Your soul is a developing intelligence system.

Through experience it acquires intelligence, ability and living skills.

Experience leaves a permanent psychological imprint.

Your life and living is rewarded with mental and emotional dividends.

Locked in memory they steer your life in the direction of their intent.

Your birth chart pictures your life story up to the time of your human birth.

It sets a course for future endeavor that sustains the development of your special type of intelligence and ability.

Your progressed chart is a personal GPS

Your progressed chart puts you at the helm, but it’s more than a personal guidance and positioning system.

It’s a surveillance device that allows you to assess sailing conditions.

As a personal GPS it locates your current situation and then you can use it to guide you to where you want to be.

It points you in the right direction.

As a surveillance device it allows you to assess sailing conditions – as they change – and to plot a course that is specifically designed to successfully navigate the prevailing situation.

As a self-information resource your progressed chart times major life events that contribute to the development of your character.

Navigating by the stars

Navigating by the stars requires a clear understanding of your birth chart – the control panel – and the astrological data it displays.

You’re seeking to understand the astrological forces that influence your life and development.

Your success depends upon how well you read the astrological messages so at the start you need to acknowledge that you are a novice with limited experience.

Your first job is to learn how to read the chart, the second is to comprehend the information; and the third is to act on the information.

Your birth chart is a blueprint for living but what’s indicated is not inevitable.

You can tack and change direction.

You can change course and change outcomes by changing your behavior.

Navigating by the stars allows you to deal with life more effectively.

You can change your misguided behaviors – avoid mishap – take charge of your character development – and maximize your success potential.

As your understanding of the chart and yourself expands the astro-data takes on new meanings and you’re able to see opportunities to develop greater ability, wiser thoughts and selfless love.

Author: DW Sutton

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