Chart your way to personal excellence

You’re a very clever thinker. You have reasoning skills, but you’re trying to make sense of your life and existence with a severe shortage of reliable information.

Fortunately Hermetic astrology and your birth chart changes that.

Your birth chart provides very reliable information that’s all about you and your life. You’re not here to waste your time and mediocrity is not an option so you’re working with the chart to learn and utilize your natural potential.

You want the best possible outcome and your birth chart allows you to chart your way to personal excellence.

Personal honesty is emphasized

At the start you need to be very honest with yourself. 

Your birth chart – you see – is a very transparent autobiographical account of you and your life story but it does contain some inconvenient truths and unpleasant chapters.

Your character has deep flaws and destructive traits and the chart allows you to identify these misguided tendencies that cause mishap and misfortune. 

As the root causes of all your problems they need to be modified or changed and the incentive to make the change is the feel-good satisfaction and peace of mind that accompanies proper behavior and constructive endeavor.

Your birth chart demystifies you and your life

Your birth chart is a personal resource that allows you to increase your self-knowledge. It demystifies you and your life.

It allows you to plan your future self.

By revealing where the investment of time and energy will reap the highest personal dividends it allows you to shape and develop long-term strategies that guarantee success in your quest for intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth.

Your birth chart allows you to allocate thought-resources – monitor when these resources will get turned on – and proactively wait for your efforts to produce results.

Your birth chart is a me-map

Your thoughts and feelings germinate in your not-conscious soul-mind and your birth chart is a map of your thought and feeling world.

It’s a me-map that allows you to understand your conscious and not-conscious mental activity.

You’re here to grow and develop – to expand your consciousness – and your emergence as your soul’s objective awareness allows you to steer by good sense and sound judgment.

Your spiritual development involves the elevation and refinement of your thoughts and feelings and your birth chart reveals what’s waiting to be developed.

You can chart your way to personal excellence

Your birth chart is your official map of self-knowledge.

It’s inviting you to say goodbye to the guess work, speculation, doubt, uncertainty and fragile analysis.

It’s inviting you to know yourself – plan your future – change – strive – and chart your way to personal excellence.

It’s preparing you to join God in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

You’ve been assigned a special job in the Grand Cosmic Enterprise and the astrological forces and laws operating in your birth chart are God’s way of ensuring that you get the necessary training.

At each stage of your journey you’re developing intelligence and ability – love and wisdom – and they’re your greatest treasures.

Author: DW Sutton

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