Know your birth chart

Your life is in a constant state of change and as you evolve and progress you need a dynamic personal resource that not only evolves along with you but allows you to participate in the development process.

This dynamic resource is your birth chart and your primary objective is to know your own chart.

It allows you to know your soul, mind or character and the reason why you exist.

Birth chart data

Your soul’s consciousness is the sum of its measurable attributes and this data is made available to you by your birth chart.

It’s a self-data generator.

The data is tagged with numbers and the numbers for an almost accurate chart never lie.

They allow you to assess the relative strength and functionality of your not-conscious drivers.

The planets in your chart are markers for dynamic urges that exist in your not-conscious mind.

They mark for innate abilities that can be developed through training and practice.

Planets in signs are markers for behavior traits, attitudes, motivations, likes and dislikes.  

The houses in your birth chart are markers for life-matters, activities and people and the planets by their house positions are markers for events.

The data provided by your chart allows you to piece yourself together into a dynamic functioning entity.

It allows you to see how your character is being built by events and conditions your local environments facilitates.

Your birth chart allows you to explore, conjecture and reason logically about who you are and what you should do to maximize your self-development

Know your birth chart

An almost accurate birth chart provides awesome information that you need to know.

It reveals your character and the trend of your human-life experience.

It profiles your character and the experiences that will sustain your intelligence and ability development.

Your chart provides data that transforms into a set of character traits and developmental experiences.

It allows you to see behavior patterns – the external situation and your internal response.

It allows you to determine if a particular behavior is having a rewarding or unrewarding outcome.

The chart reveals how you got to be the way you are and why you view and understand the world in the way that you do.

Your birth chart quantifies your character.

It measures the strength and functionality of each thought and feeling, provides a context for the thoughts you think and identifies the environmental triggers that go into producing your emotional states.  

It reveals your background as a set of experiences that provide a foundation for your future self.

You should know your chart’s energy format, the messages it is sending and the mathematical values given each bit of data.

And to know your chart well you have to keep on revisiting it day after day after day.

It’s there to help you find your way.

It can guide you to where you want to go.

It allows you to control uncertainty and monitor change.

It profiles your character and how it works and what you have to do to change yourself to enhance your success, happiness and spirituality.

So, you need to know your chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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