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In the 21st-century you can track your physical activity, fitness, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, moods, urine color and sugar, insulin, cortisol or cholesterol levels.

It’s all made possible by Aquarian Age apps and wearable sensors.

But long before these new age devices came along Hermetic astrology provided a map that quantifies your psychological attributes and tracks their activity.

This ancient self-tracking device is your birth chart.

Self-tracking with a mind-map

Self-tracking with a mind-map is the practice of using your birth chart to monitor and record changes in your not-conscious mental activity.

It doesn’t require a mobile app or sensory device.

The chart allows you to track your not-conscious mental activity and the influence it is having on your life and living.

It allows you to track your thought and feeling world and to evaluate the functionality of your mental behavior.

Birth chart data

The data provided by your birth chart is all about you.

The chart is a map of your character at the time of your birth.

It allows you to know the relative strength and functionality of the chief character factors that define who you are.

It allows you to identify your outstanding attributes and intelligence-type.

Your birth chart measures relative levels of enthusiasm, determination, adaptability, resilience, courage and initiative.

It describes your behavior in a specified environmental setting as proper and effective or misguided and ineffective.

It serves as a tool for measuring and tracking your not-conscious mental activity.

Track your progressed chart

Your progressed chart ensures that you don’t stand still and stagnate.

Your life story unfolds as major progressed aspects form in your chart.

A minor progressed aspect to a birth chart or progressed planet involved in a specified major progressed aspect fine-tunes the time when the major event it maps can occur.

And a transit progressed aspect to the planet involved in the major progressed aspect that defines the event and rules the house it governs specifies the day on which the major event can occur.

So you need to track your progressed chart.

But the chart doesn’t cause the event.

It acts as a reference that allows you track and monitor changes in not-conscious mental activity.

The planets involved in a progressed aspect have their not-conscious mental correlates and the progressed aspect stimulates them into activity.

It’s the not-conscious mental activity that works to attract new events and conditions.

It’s important to develop a concept of thoughts and feelings performing work.

Work involves the expenditure of energy.

It’s effort applied to a purpose and your character is composed of thoughts and feelings that work to produce your life.

What’s inclined to occur is defined by your birth chart and your progressed chart times when birth chart predispositions can occur.

The harmony sectors sign for harmonious energies and when they’re stimulated by progression they work to attract the fortunate events and conditions the chart forecasts.

The discord sectors mark for discordant energies and when they’re stimulated by progression they work to attract unfortunate events and conditions.

This is powerful information and it’s not meant to be negatively absorbed.

It’s meant to be applied.

When you track your progressed chart you can manage your life story and take precautionary measures that ensure the best possible outcome in any situation.

Author: DW Sutton

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