Explore your chart for possibilities

You’re the product of previous experience.

Your birth chart is a personal bar code that identifies who you are.

The chart provides background information that allows you to see yourself in context.

It details your character and intelligence type and profiles the experiences needed to sustain your development.

It reveals who you are and what you can do and doing better requires personal improvement, behavior change and sustained effort.

The chart allows you to explore your possibilities.

Your birth chart is all about you

Your birth chart is a map of your mental world so it’s all about you and your desires and needs.

It’s a simple map so it’s not overcrowded with information.

It’s your local environment, with its complicated rules and regulations, that is overcrowding your life.

It’s your cluttered daily life that’s reducing your sense of wellbeing and while your birth chart allows you to explore unknown possibilities it’s your current thinking that can prevent you from seeing the alternative mental and emotional pathways you could be taking.

This issue needs to be addressed.

Worthwhile self-development requires simplicity, discrimination and high-quality rewarding experiences.

Your job as your soul’s objective consciousness is to explore your chart for possibilities and nurture a strong desire to have those experiences that sustain your character development.

New possibilities

Your birth chart not only reveals your character and life story it provides guidelines for exploring new possibilities.

Here’s one.

Your chart maps misguided tendencies and ineffective behaviors that you can change, transform or modify.

The chart isn’t an instrument of fatality.

It maps dysfunctional character traits that can be changed.

They’re causing health, financial, employment and relationship problems.

They represent a serious risk to your mental, emotional and physical welfare and the longer they express the more harm they can do.

Your personal reality is always a thought in your mind and the only way you can rid yourself of the mental dissonance and establish peace of mind is to change your thinking.

Misguided, unwise thinking is a mental health hazard.

It makes mistakes and if you don’t change or modify your faulty thinking you’ll suffer the indiscretions it causes.

Your birth chart not only reveals what you’re doing wrong it offers various remedies that you can implement and explore.

Your birth chart reveals possibilities

Life is a mysterious business, but your birth chart reveals what’s best for you.

It respects your current state of development and invites you to explore your possibilities and do better.

A life defined by simplicity, discrimination, thoughtfulness and a strong desire for constructive effort ensures the best possible outcome.  

Your birth chart celebrates your individuality.

It makes you special.

It provides you with an astrological ID; illuminates the powerful role played by your environment in shaping your behavior; and supports the theory that nature needs your special type of intelligence and ability.

Your birth chart gives primacy to your thoughts and feelings and a personal best performance every day requires a nourishing diet of top quality thoughts and feelings.

And it reveals destructive tendencies that you need to guard against.

They’ll impede your personal progress.

When it comes to you and your life you’re in charge of the show so you should explore you chart for new possibilities that could hold the secret to a better than best life outcome.

Author: DW Sutton

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