Harmonize birth chart discord

The character you were born with has been shaped and built by previous experience.

Your life journey has involved pleasant experiences that have built harmonious states of consciousness into your character; and unpleasant experiences that have built discordant states of feeling into your soul’s consciousness.

It’s a safe bet that the harmony in your birth chart is taking care of itself so it’s the problems and difficulties resulting from the discord that needs your attention.

Your chart details discord data that needs to be harmonized.

Create a discord profile

Your chart’s aspect grid and astrodyne report allow you to develop a discord profile that clearly reveals your trouble spots.

Your focus is on the aspects, planets, signs and houses with discord.

Their discordyne scores allow you to scale their level of disharmony.

Your chief focus is the aspects, planets, signs and house with the highest number of discordynes.

Even though you’re living your life and striving to get ahead your birth chart is providing discord data that needs your immediate attention.

You’re responsible for what happens

Your birth chart details high-discord markers that sign for destructive behavior and stressful situations.

And when you realize that a misguided character trait with a harmful intent caused the problem you will realize that you’re to blame.

You can’t go to a behavior technician and have a character make-over.

And you can’t expect the other person to change their behavior to accommodate yours.

And justifying your bad behavior by citing birth chart discord isn’t on either.

And don’t bemoan the discord – get in there and fix it.

That’s what self-development is all about.

It’s important to understand that your behavior is not permanently locked in – your destructive, ineffective behaviors can be changed – and your birth chart provides effective strategies for dealing with stressful situations.

Harmonize birth chart discord

Your birth chart is not only your ticket here it provides you with a life plan and self-development itinerary.

It sets out a program of experiences through which your intelligence and ability will grow and develop.

An understanding of the chart and its astrological data allows you to see what nature has destined for you.

Your birth chart allows you to nurture your nature in the most effective, rewarding productive way.

It provides information that easily integrates with any other information that you think contributes to you becoming the best that you can be.

Your stars are beckoning you to fly.

Your birth chart is the wind beneath your wings.

But it’s difficult to soar and glide when there are faults and defects in mission control that impair your behavior performance.

So in the interest of a best personal performance and a better life it will pay you to harmonize the discord and repair the faults and defects.

Author: DW Sutton

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