Work with the chart

At a basic level of understanding your birth chart pictures data that describes your character.

At a higher level of understanding, it reveals what you need to do to build a better life.

It catalogs the thoughts, feelings and impulses that you’re inclined to experience and the events and conditions that will cause you to think and feel the way you do.

It details a life story that’s sure to unfold chapter by chapter unless you do something to change what’s indicated.

What’s indicated in the chart is not fixed or inevitable.

Your misguided, ineffective behaviors can be changed and corrected.

Your birth chart defines your specialness and when you work with the chart you’re seeking personal data pertaining to your best and worst traits, strengths and weaknesses, natural inclinations and special talent.


Keywords describe your life story and you need to process the keyword data correctly.

Astro-data must be supported by real-life evidence.

The keyword data must make sense to you.

It must have personal relevance.

Your birth chart must explain your character, personality and mentality.

Events and situations trigger psychological responses and your birth chart allows you to match one with the other.

Your job is to work with the chart to confirm that the astro-data validates your life story.

Working with the chart

You’re working with the chart to find self-understanding and a reason for being.

You’re seeking to discover what you can do to improve your daily life performance.

Building a better life is all about upgrading your intelligence and ability.

This requires a clear understanding of the astro-data provided by your birth chart and the knowledge that you can work with your chart to change the destructive tendencies that are having ineffective outcomes.

You have a destiny and when you harmonize the discord sectors in your character you change your destiny.

You’re working with your chart to discover the road that will take you to self-fulfillment.

You’re seeking to learn the special experience that provides you with the highest rewards in self-development.

You’re striving to have a successful life and you’re working with your progressed chart to help you get it.

You need to sustain the development of your best behaviors and modify or change the ones that harm your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Your life is an expression of your character and its bad sectors are attracting problem situations and unfortunate events.

So don’t blame other people for your misfortunes.

You’re responsible for your mental and emotional wellbeing and how well you do.

So it’s your job to work with the chart, identify the flaws in your character and instigate a behavior-change strategy that’s designed to harmonize the misguided behavior that is having an ineffective outcome.

The take home messages

You have to learn how to work with your chart.

Low-level self-awareness reduces your capacity to apply the astro-data in a personal context.

Your character defines who you are so make sure your friends, family and associates benefit from what you have to offer.

You’re working with your chart to ensure that you reach your highest potential as a human soul.

Author: DW Sutton

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