Be informed, be prepared

You’re living your life in a wild, weird and rapidly changing world.

You need to be aware of the risks, deceptions and unexpected changes of fortune.

Untrue beliefs, erroneous thoughts and misguided feelings can have you acting in a manner that antagonizes your forward progress.

When it comes to your life you can’t afford to get anything wrong.

Your best chance of survival is to predict what might occur and plan for a best outcome.

And your progressed chart allows you to predict and plan.

It’s inviting you to get informed and be prepared.

Your birth chart defines who you are

Your birth chart has your data.

It defines who you are.

Your special type of intelligence and ability develops in response to events and conditions made possible by your local environment.

The mental activity taking place in the not-conscious region of your mind steers your life in the direction of its intent.

It’s primarily responsible for your conscious thinking and behavior and the events and conditions you experience.

Your birth chart is not the cause.

It simply reveals what’s going on and what you have to do to change what’s indicated.

And when you’re well-informed you can be prepared.

You can avoid mishap, minimize risk and make all the right moves.

Beware of false information

You can feel safe in the knowledge that when it comes to you and your birth chart that Hermetic astrology is providing evidence-based facts, but in the age of misinformation and inversion false information is lurking everywhere.

False information can lead you astray.

It can see you believing false beliefs, drawing wrong conclusions and making wrong decisions.

So when it comes to your life you have to investigate every skerrick of information to confirm its validity.

You have to start thinking with the rational part of your mind and get your perception skills working exceptionally well.

Be informed, be prepared

You need to be very well informed about your birth chart and local environment.

Your chart provides powerful information that’s not available from any other source.

It reveals how you interact with your environment to evolve intelligence and ability.

There’s purpose to the life you’re living.

Your birth chart is purpose-made so you will only attract those experiences that are needed to sustain your intelligence and ability development.

They occur as your chart progresses.

Progressed aspects can be viewed as pleasant and unpleasant chapters in your life story so you need to be prepared to deal with what’s coming up.

To reach your full potential as a human soul you’ll need to be well-informed about your birth chart and well-prepared to handle current and upcoming progressed aspects.

Author: DW Sutton

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