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Real life explains how you’ve developed in a social-cultural context.

Your local environment is a powerful situational force.

It facilitates events and provides you with a frame of reference.

Your worldview has been greatly influenced by your nurture – your family and cultural environment.

Your life experience prompts you to make sense of who you are.

Your character is a frame of reference through which you create meaning and purpose and your birth chart provides a soul-deep dimension to your search for meaning.

It not only allows you to systematically think about yourself and your personal patterns of thinking and feeling it invites you to change your ineffective, misguided behavior.

But having a theoretical understanding of what you’re doing wrong serves no useful purpose.

Personal betterment hinges on the proactive application of the astrological message.

Your birth chart is a self-information resource

Your birth chart is a map of your not-conscious reality.

It allows you to understand your not-conscious soul-mind as the real you.

It allows you to discover why you make sense of the world in the way you do.

Your behavior is governed by not-conscious mental processes and you’re working with your birth chart to explore and understand how your not-conscious mental world functions.

Your birth chart allows you to see what you’re doing wrong and how you can think, feel and act differently – now and in the future.

The chart allows you to identify discord that needs to be harmonized.

Doing it requires the proactive application of the astrological advice.

You’re working with your birth chart, your mental resources and local environment to produce a better you.

By observing your mental and emotional responses you’re able to gauge how well you’re dealing with your current life circumstances.

You can reflect on your feelings and analyze your problems.

By relating your observations back to your birth chart you’re able to get a better picture of what’s really going on.

The chart allows you to form new ideas about yourself and what you can do, but you have to put them into practice and evaluate the results.

It’s up to you to apply the astrological message.

Apply the astrological message

By applying the astrological message you can iron out your character’s rough spots and change or modify your misguided, ineffective behavior.

This is not a whimsical claim.

It’s based on the evidence provided by scientific astrological research.

Your birth chart is a personal development resource, but you have to discover and develop what you’ve got and act on the astrological message.

Your birth chart allows you to discover how you can change yourself so that your emotional life becomes a more rewarding experience.

The negative absorption of the information serves no useful purpose.

Astrological information has a use – so use it.

Use it to discover what you can do to become a dynamic contributor to the welfare of your family, friends and society – even the planet.

It’s up to you to apply the astrological message and reap the rewards.

Author: DW Sutton

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