Life on the inner-astral-plane

Your soul and consciousness exist on an inner-astral-plane.

Life is feeling and intelligence expressing through form.

On Earth bodies made of physical substance provide souls on developmental journeys with the opportunity to develop, express and continually upgrade their intelligence and ability.

And when your learning here on Earth is done your soul will graduate to the astral world where it continues its intelligence and ability development in a realm that offers a higher grade of education.

Life on the inner-astral-plane

Although the evidence that personality survives physical death is overwhelming it’s discounted, ridiculed and suppressed by those who would have you believe that Earth is the whole of your life’s existence.

And when this evidence is studied it categorically denies that life on the inner-astral-plane is static, or chiefly spent in singing hymns, or bowing down before a great white throne.

Life in the eternal hereafter is patterned very much on the plan of life on Earth, due allowance being made for the properties of the realm.

The most outstanding property there is the power of thought.

On Earth labor and machinery build and construct things but in the astral world thought does the building.

Thought can build a house and create a new invention.

It can transport you vast distances faster than a speeding plane.

And it can send and deliver messages.

You won’t need your smart phone.

On the astral plane the spirit of conquest which has carried your soul through innumerable progressive life-forms here on Earth does not engage in chasing material achievement.

Instead, it carries your soul onward.

You have to adapt to the astral environment where you find yourself living.

And the only way you can conquer environment and achieve in this astral soul world is through the application of induced emotion and directed thought.

Here on Earth, and in the after-life, traits of character are expressions of emotion and thought.

Here on Earth your character is judged by your behavior and what you say and do.

But on the inner plane your true character is revealed to all.

You can’t hide it.

Its quality is revealed by your thoughts.

If your habitual thoughts are squalid they have built a squalid domicile for your soul.

Habitually cold and self-centered thoughts build an icy wall.

And habitually angry and revengeful thoughts construct a hideous mien which obliterates the care and empathy in your soul.

Through your thoughts and feelings you can build a temporary hell for yourself.

But you’re not compelled to stay there.

You can move into a pleasant mind place by thinking better thoughts and feeling proper emotions.

And you should start to make that move right now.

Astrology and extrasensory perception are there to give you guidance.

Via your birth chart astrology will show you what thoughts and emotions you most need to cultivate.

But you have to apply the information and do the building.

On the inner-astral-plane constructive enterprise and ingenuity are just as important as they are here on Earth.

Life on the inner-astral-plane involves struggle, problems and achievement.

And your spirit of conquest will continue to serve you well in your post biological future.

Both here and here-after mere survival isn’t enough.

Author: DW Sutton

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