Your chart is a character reference

A good map specifies and simplifies the key features of what it maps and your birth chart specifies and simplifies the key features of your character.

It’s a quick and easy-to-read character reference.

It allows you to make a structural diagnosis of your character.

Your character has been built by experience and now as a human soul you operate in an environmental setting and act according to your character in a family and cultural environment that has established norms, values and expectations.

Your character

Your character is everything that is you.

It embraces your personality, mentality, temperament – the whole works.

It expresses intelligence and ability and determines your conduct.

Some character traits are stronger than others and the strongest traits direct your life.

The weak and obscure traits have their potential reduced.  

Your character has faults, defects and imperfections – it’s far from perfect.

Whatever… you need to like and accept your character.

The character you were born with is the result of your astrological origins and previous experience and your birth chart captures the whole story in a single two-dimensional snapshot.

Your birth chart is a map of your character

Character is both your behavior and its integrity of expression and your birth chart is a map of your character.

It’s a visual presentation of your not-conscious soul-mind.

Your character is not a randomly assembled set of traits and qualities.

It has been built by experience and your birth chart is the only tool you have that allows you to observe and analyze your character.

The chart maps functional and dysfunctional character traits.

It maps predispositions that express as good and bad habits.

You have to fit in and any kind of mental discomfort marks for an uncomfortable fit, a bad habit and a need to adapt or change.

Your birth chart allows you to quickly identify your dysfunctional character traits and provides strategies for dealing with misguided behavior.

But your behavior has nothing to do with your chart.

It acts as a reference point and maps the predispositions that you’re inclined to develop.

Character is destiny

Your character is who you are.

It’s the sum total of all your mental states, the seat of your predispositions and your one great personal reality.  

It’s the distinct way that you experience and deal with life.

It’s your characteristic manner of behaving.

And your birth chart reveals how your character has been formatted by experience up to the time of your human birth and your future self must emerge from your character.

Character is destiny and your special, unique character is the key to your destiny.

Your outstanding character traits are the seeds of your future self.

Your future lies in your character.

Your life journey occurs through a dialogue you have with yourself and your birth chart provides valuable information that you can factor into the conversation.

Thanks to your birth chart you have a character reference that allows you to make wiser decisions about your life.

But it’s your character right here and now – all your thoughts, feelings, impulses, desires, attitudes, ideas and opinions – and not the character mapped in the chart that holds the key to your future.

You’re destined to play a special role in God’s Grand Enterprise but first you have to learn to make a living.

After that you can fulfill your astrological destiny.

That's called having a successful life.

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