Your astrology code

You have an astrology code.

It’s a personal transcript of God’s great astrology code.

Its alphabet has 22 letters.

The 10 planets are its vowels and the 12 zodiac signs are the consonants.

It’s a moving code.

The planets move along the zodiac.

Your birth chart brings your astrology code down to Earth.

The planets are located by sign and decanate.

They form angular relationships called aspects and they’re located in houses.

The astrology code pictured in your birth chart is a formula for the development of a special kind of intelligence and ability.

Your intelligence and ability is being built by natural forces and laws that are perfect and precise.

Their influence on your character development is a scientific fact.

Your astrology code takes you inside yourself

Thoughts and feelings are the building blocks of your character and just as your body has a genetic code, your mind or soul has an astrology code.

Your personal code provides your soul with an astrological blueprint or plan of development.

It expresses in a personal environmental setting and must be placed in a cultural context.

It defines predispositions, times when they can develop and provides exquisitely accurate diagnostic tests.

There’s discord in your code – dangerous impulses and selfish tendencies.

They cause mishap and misadventure and impede your self-development.

Whatever… you’ll turn out according to your astrology code unless you modify or change its discord indicators.

The dominant markers in your code have more power and influence.

The weak markers have their influence reduced, but you should always view weakness as an impediment.

Physically you may have weak knees, weak eyes, or a weak sense of smell and your astrology code defines weak character traits that can cause problems and impede your success.

You showcase your astrology code

To understand your life – your thought and feeling world – you must know your astrology code.

It showcases a spectacular potential.

It proclaims that you’re a microcosm of the universe.

It details a blueprint for your soul’s consciousness development.

It reveals how your soul’s developmental journey has been organized into a consciousness structure that includes skills, abilities and a unique, special talent.

It showcases your character and your character is a living expression of your unique and very special astrology code.

Your astrology code details a personal potential that emerges and develops through experience so you showcase the richness and uniqueness of your astrology code.

It’s pictured in your birth chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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