The primary theories of astrology

The rules of astrology are natural laws and if applied properly are free from guesswork and speculation.

They are based on thousands of years of observation and in the very scientific Aquarian Age have been subject to rigorous examination and testing.

The central idea is that the pattern of your life – your character – is detailed by the astrology code in your birth chart at the time of their birth. And this idea – that all things bear the imprint of their birth moment – is as old as time.

Hermetic astrology proposes that the astrology code displayed in your birth chart reveals your current state of character development, reason for being, future potential and role in God’s Great Cosmic Plan.

Scientific astrology is based on theories that seek to understand, control and predict and just like other sciences astrology should be judged by the accuracy of its predictions.

Six primary theories

  1. The planets and zodiac signs transmit astral vibrations that influence life on Earth
  2. The birth chart displays an astrology code that plays a key role in its owner’s consciousness development and life experience
  3. The time when an astrological event in the birth chart will occur can be predetermined
  4. The soul is attached to the physical body it animates by the psychokinetic power of its own thoughts
  5. The electromagnetic energies generated by the cells of the physical body provide a medium that allows the soul – or mind – to control the body and
  6. These electromagnetic energies permit not-conscious mental activity to be experienced by objective awareness as thoughts and feelings

It’s an astrological theory that the astrology code depicted in your birth chart reveals the thought structure of your character when you were born and that astrological events in the chart subsequently have stimulated not-conscious thoughts and feelings to desire new events and conditions.

It’s a theory that a natural mechanism must allow the transmission of not-conscious thoughts and feelings to the region of objective consciousness.

And to attain credibility astrological science must be able to explain this process of reception and transmission of astral energy.

It must explain how the soul – or not-conscious mind – attaches itself and remains attached to the physical body it animates. And it must explain how some of the soul's states of consciousness can be transmitted to objective awareness to be recognized as thoughts, feelings and impulses.  

And Hermetic astrology clearly explains how it's all done.

Author: DW Sutton

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