Boris Johnson

June 15, 2023: Boris Johnson is found to have deliberately misled the British parliament over rule-breaking parties during covid-19 lockdowns by a UK privileges committee.

His chart progressed to June 15, 2023

Progressed Sun (respect/disgrace) at 24 Leo 49 in house 11 was square (conflict) progressed Jupiter (his moral code) at 24 Taurus 51 in house 8 and parallel progressed Saturn (loss) in house 5 (parties); and progressed Midheaven (honor/dishonor) at 9 Virgo 14 in house 11 was conjunction progressed Uranus – planet of big shocks, sudden reversals and change – at 9 Virgo 26.

Progressed Moon was parallel birth chart Sun and birth chart Midheaven.

The dishonor event was timed by transit Sun sextile progressed Sun and transit Midheaven sextile progressed Midheaven and birth chart Uranus.

In his chart Mars – the planet of strife – is square Saturn in house 5 – the fun house; and Jupiter – the planet of honesty – is opposition Neptune – planet of deceit, lies and denial.

July 7, 2022: Boris Johnson resigns as British Prime Minister.

His chart progressed to July 7, 2022

Progressed Sun (positional power and significance) at 23 Leo 55 in house 11 (parliament and parliamentarians) was square (obstacle-conflict) progressed Jupiter (honesty and trust) at 24 Taurus 46 – the cusp ruler of house 6 (his work) – in house 8 (his cabinet).

Progressed ascendant (him) at 25 Scorpio 03 and 19S03 in house 2 (his finances) was opposition (separation) progressed Jupiter (ethics and integrity) at 24 Taurus 46 and parallel progressed Pluto (drastic events and coercion) at 19S07 in house 11.

Progressed Mars (strife) at 11 Cancer 17 and 23N32 in house 9 was square (obstacle) birth chart ascendant (his personal affairs and personality) at 11 Libra 06, sextile birth chart Pluto (coercive pressures) at 11 Virgo 47 in house 11, and parallel birth chart Midheaven (his job and reputation) at 22N49.

Progressed Midheaven at 8N27 was parallel progressed Uranus (life changing events) at 8N44. (His 2.00am birth time has a ± 7 minute margin of error and if he was born at 2.01am progressed Midheaven was conjunction progressed Uranus.)

And progressed Moon 12 Sagittarius 04 in house was square (obstacle-conflict) birth chart Pluto at 11 Virgo 47.

The dishonourable (Sun-house 6-house 10) resignation event mapped by progressed Sun square progressed Jupiter (house 6) and progressed Midheaven (house 10) parallel progressed Uranus was timed by transit Sun at 15 Cancer sextile birth chart Jupiter and transit Saturn at 24 Aquarius 25R opposition progressed Sun and square birth chart Jupiter; transit Jupiter at 8 Aries was inconjunct progressed Midheaven (job loss and reputational damage) and transit Mercury at 23N36 was parallel birth chart Midheaven  at 22N49; and transit Midheaven at 20N12 was parallel birth chart Pluto (drastic event) at 19N54.

January 13, 2022: Boris Johnson, embroiled in scandal, admits to attending a ‘bring your own booze’ gathering and gets himself into more strife.

His chart progressed to January 13, 2022

Progressed Saturn at 2 Pisces 18R in house 5 (social activity) was square (obstacle-conflict) birth chart Mars (booze) at 1 Gemini 37 in house 8 (his cabinet).

Progressed Mars – planet of strife – at 10 Cancer 58 in house 9 was square birth chart ascendant at 11 Libra 06 (him) and sextile (opportunity) birth chart Pluto at 11 Virgo 47 in house 11 (friends).

Progressed ascendant at 24 Scorpio 43 in house 2 was opposition progressed Jupiter at 24 Taurus 44 in house 8; (and progressed Sun moves to form an obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Jupiter on August 5, 2022 undermining is power and authority).  

Progressed Moon at 6 Sagittarius 25 in house 2 was square birth chart Uranus – planet of startling revelations and cusp ruler of house 5 (social events) – at 6 Virgo 31 in house 11 (friends).

Johnson won’t survive the strife. Progressed Moon moves to form a parallel aspect with birth chart Mars in house 8 (his cabinet) January 23 > peak power date is June 4; a square aspect with progressed Midheaven (his career and reputation) January 29 > peak power date is March 4; a square aspect with progressed Uranus (planet of disruptive change) March 15 > peak power date is April 15; an inconjunct aspect with progressed Mars May 10 > peak power date is June 11; and a square aspect with birth chart Pluto (planet of coercion) May 29 > peak power date is June 20. His days as PM are numbered.

December 12: Boris Johnson is elected Britain’s Prime Minister.

His chart progressed to December 12, 2019

Birth data is June 19, 1964 at 2.00pm DST New York, USA (40N43; 74W00) 

Progressed Sun – planet of power and politics – at 14N21 in house 11 (hopes and wishes) was parallel progressed Neptune – planet of promotion – at 14N42 in house 2; and progressed Midheaven (popularity and getting the job) at 5 Virgo 52 in house 11 was conjunction birth chart Uranus at 6 Virgo 31.

The house 10-Sun significance event was timed by transit Venus (at 20 Capricorn 59 in house 4) inconjunct progressed Sun and sesquisquare progressed Midheaven.

With Uranus and Pluto forming a prominence (conjunction) aspect in house 11 parliament will be place of division and unexpected developments.

Progressed Neptune – planet of inflation – at 15 Scorpio 09 in house 2 (finances) is opposition (separation) birth chart Jupiter – planet of finances, higher prices and trade) – at 15 Taurus 45 in house 8 (debt and taxes); and progressed Saturn – planet of recessed economic conditions and falling prices – at 2 Pisces 28R in house 5 (the stock market) is square birth chart Mars (strife and argumentation) in house 8.

These high-discord progressions impacting house 2 and house 8 forecast a very difficult divorce settlement with the EU and progressed Moon is in house 2 (finances) till April 4, 2022.

His chart’s astrodyne report

Author: DW Sutton

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