Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin was born October 7, 1952.

A birth time of 9.30am – supposedly from his ‘official Soviet birth certificate’ – is rated dirty data.

His birth date reveals that the Sun – in the second decanate of Libra – is conjunction Mercury, Saturn and Neptune; and Mercury is in the third decanate of Libra: Lupus, the wolf.

The second decanate of Libra is depicted in the sky as Draco, the dragon. It’s the decanate of independence and being under the sub-influence of Uranus it partakes of originality and sometimes eccentricity. 

The Sun and Saturn in this decanate are in close conjunction and selfish Saturn is as cold as ice: and Madeline Albright – the US Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001 – after meeting Putin noted: ‘Putin is small and pale, so cold as to be almost reptilian.’

Lupus, the third decanate of Libra, where Mercury in his chart is located is the original wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s pictured impaled on the spear of Centaurus.

Lupus pictures a tendency for Putin to express cruel and ruthless predatory interests (Mars) – a lust for war, blood, pillage and destruction (Mars). Birth chart factors indicate that he’s driven by avarice and greed (Saturn) and that he’s grabbed every opportunity to further his own selfish interests by placing others at a disadvantage.

But the constellated picture – a wolf being put to death by the spear of Centaurus – reveals that his deceit, cunning, depravity, harsh brutality and repression of the rights and freedoms of others (the Russian people) inexorably dooms him to severe punishment.

For transgressing human laws and the laws of God he will suffer expiation. 

In his chart Uranus – planet of freedom – is square the Sun, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury and from 1982 progressed Uranus – the progressive ruler of Aquarius – has been square (high-discord obstacle) birth chart Saturn – planet of self-interest, greed and cunning.

Neptune at 21 Libra 10 is conjunction Mercury at (approximately) 23 Libra 20 in Lupus and in 2022 progressed Neptune at 23 Libra 26 is conjunction Mercury and progressed Saturn in Lupus at 7S30 is parallel progressed Neptune.

We conclude that a dreadful fate awaits Vladimir Putin.

In spiritual astrology the text pertaining to Lupus states: ‘It is impossible for a man (or woman) to injure another without himself (or herself) being injured, or for a man (or woman) to benefit another without himself (or herself) being truly benefited.’

Author: DW Sutton

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