Justin Trudeau

August 2, 2023: Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie announce they are splitting up after 18 years of marriage. It’s a personal crisis with national implications.

His chart progressed to August 2, 2023

This discordant marriage event is mapped by progressed aspects to Jupiter and/or Neptune the cusp rulers of house 7 in his chart. Neptune is his dominant planet and Jupiter is his weakest.

Progressed Jupiter at 1 Capricorn 36 in house 4 is square progressed Pluto at 1 Libra 34R in house 2; progressed Mars at 3 Taurus 22 in house 9 is  inconjunct birth chart Neptune at 3 Sagittarius 54 in house 4; progressed Midheaven (publicity) at 19 Cancer 44 in house 11 is sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Neptune at 5 Sagittarius 08; and progressed Moon at 5 Pisces 12 in house 7 is square progressed Neptune

Progressed Mars (strife and conflict) is square birth chart Venus (emotional turmoil) at 3 Aquarius 30 in house 5 (the children); and trine (luck) birth chart Sun at 3 Capricorn 39 (his political aspirations).

January 12, 2020: The dominant news story in Canada is the shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 by Iran. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose country had 57 citizens on board, told a news conference in Ottawa: ‘What Iran has admitted to is very serious. Shooting down a civilian aircraft is horrific. Iran must take full responsibility. Canada will not rest until we get the accountability, justice, and closure that the families deserve.’

Justin Trudeau’s chart progressed to January 12, 2020

Birth data (from news report) is December 25, 1971 at 9.27pm EST (45N25; 75W42)

Progressed Mars – planet of missiles – at 1 Taurus 02 in house 9 (planes and air travel) was inconjunct progressed Pluto – planet of horrific events – at 1 Libra 39R in house 2. (Birth chart Mars in his chart is in house 8 (death) and opposition Pluto.)

Progressed Venus – planet of loved ones – at 2 Aries 03 in house 8 (death) was opposition (separation) birth chart Pluto at 2 Libra 02 in house 2.

Progressed Mercury – cusp ruler of house 1 (him) – at 18 Aquarius 35 in house 6 was semisquare birth chart Sun – planet of leadership and cusp ruler of house 12 (sorrow) – at 3 Capricorn 39 in house 5 (children) – and trine (luck) progressed Uranus – planet of startling revelations – at 18 Libra 09R in house 2 (finances). (In his chart Sun-Mars and Pluto form a T-square.)

And progressed Midheaven (publicity) – at 16 Cancer 08 in house 11 – was semisquare (friction) birth chart Saturn – planet of grief, sadness and justice – at 00 Gemini 46R in house 10.

Progressed Moon – at 15 Capricorn 56 in house 5 (children) – was sesquisquare birth chart Saturn and opposition progressed Midheaven stimulating the major Saturn-Midheaevn semisquare aspect. 

His chart’s astrodyne report

Author: DW Sutton

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