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February 10, 2022: Jussie Smollett is sentenced to 150 days in jail after a jury found he lied to police about being the victim of a hate crime. Following the sentence, Smollett said: ‘I did not do this!’ The sentence also includes 30 months of probation and $145,000 in restitution and fines (house 2).

His transit progressed chart March 10, 2022

Progressed ascendant at 15 Cancer 17 in house 2 was square birth chart Saturn – planet of loss – at 15 Libra 30 – cusp ruler of house 10 (the judge’s sentencing) – and sesquisquare progressed Uranus at 00 Sagittarius 37 R in house 6 – cusp ruler of house 10.

Progressed Moon at 15 Sagittarius 55 in house 7 was inconjunct progressed ascendant and sextile birth chart Saturn stimulating their progressed square aspect.

And progressed Mercury at 14 Leo 09 in house 3 – the ruler of house 12 (jail) – was semisquare birth chart Sun and Moon.

Transit Mercury at 1 Pisces 05 in house 10 sesquisquare birth chart Saturn and square birth chart Uranus; transit ascendant at 16 Capricorn 41 in house 8 square progressed Saturn; and transit Midheaven at 9 Scorpio 34 in house 6 inconjunct birth chart Mercury at 8 Gemini 46 timed the jail sentencing event.

December 9, 2021: US actor Jussie Smollett is found guilty of lying to police when he claimed to have been the victim of a racist, homophobic assault.

His chart progressed to December 9, 2021

Progressed ascendant at 15 Cancer 06 and 22N35 in house 2 was parallel birthchart Sun (his honor) at 23N26 in house 2; square birth chart Saturn, the cusp ruler of house 9 (the court case and jury) and house 10 (his reputation), at 15 Libra 30 in house 5; sesquisquare progressed Uranus, the cusp ruler of house 10, at 00Sagitarius 37R in house 6; and parallel birth chart Neptune at 22S03 in house 7 (the lawsuit and prosecution).    

Progressed Mars – planet of strife and police – at 11S28 in house 5 was parallel progressed Jupiter – planet of court cases – the cusp ruler of house 7 at 11S09 in house 6 (the police). 

His transit progressed chart December 9, 2021

The life changing court case and guilty verdict mapped by the major Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune progressions was timed by transit Neptune at 4S51 parallel birth chart Saturn (cusp ruler of houses 9 and 10); transit ascendant conjunction progressed Jupiter (cusp ruler of house 7 in house 6) and semisextile birth chart Uranus (cusp ruler of house 10 in house 6); transit Mars semisextile progressed Mars; transit Mercury conjunction progressed Neptune in house 7; and transit Midheaven conjunction progressed Sun.

House 12 (jail/prison) is very active by progression.

Claims he was attacked

January 29, 2019 Jussie Smollett claims he was attacked (Mars) in a hate crime (Mars-Pluto) in Chicago’s, Streeterville neighborhood.

His progressed chart January 29, 2019

Progressed Midheaven at 24 Pisces 08 in house 11 was square (obstacle) progressed Neptune – planet of schemes and stunts – at 24 Sagittarius 41R in house 7 (his relations with the public); and inconjunct birth chart Pluto – planet of crime – at 24 Libra 10R in house 5 (risks).

Progressed Venus at 8 Cancer 56 in house 2 (his income stream) was square birth chart Mars – planet of violent attacks, hate, strife and the police – at 9 Libra 04 in house 5.

And progressed Mars at 26 Libra 25 in house 5 was sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart ascendant (him).

Progressed Moon at 8 Scorpio 28 in house 6 (the police) was sesquisquare progressed Midheaven at 24 Pisces 08 stimulating the progressed Midheaven-progressed Neptune square; and trine progressed Venus, semisextile birth chart Mars and parallel progressed Mars stimulating their progressed square aspect.

Progressed Moon was parallel birth chart Jupiter – planet of legal matters and good fortune – in house 6 (the police) and cusp ruler of house 7 (law suits); and on February 2 progressed Moon moved to form a semisquare aspect with progressed Neptune in house 7.

The astro-evidence indicates that under the influence of the high-discord progressed Neptune square aspect he concocted a scheme (Neptune) that went all wrong and got into more strife (Mars) than he ever imagined.

Jupiter’s influence in having all charges dropped in return for him performing community service and forfeiting his bond can’t be underestimated. The Sun-Moon conjunction in his chart is exactly trine (luck) Jupiter in house 6.

His transit progressed chart January 29, 2019

The major attack event was timed by transit Sun and Mercury in house 9 inconjunct progressed Venus and trine birth chart Mars activating the major Venus-Mars square aspect.

Transit Venus in house 7 was conjunction progressed Neptune and square progressed Midheaven activating the major Midheaven-Neptune square aspect.

And transit ascendant in house 6 was opposition birth chart ascendant and semisquare progressed Mars activating the major Mars-ascendant sesquisquare aspect.


Author: DW Sutton

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