Alan Dershowitz

January 21, 2020: Alan Dershowitz, a member of Donald Trump’s defense team, says that every politician conflates his own interest with the public interest therefore ‘it cannot be impeachable’.

Alan Dershowitz is an American academic and scholar of US constitutional law and criminal law. He’s a celebrity lawyer who has represented Mike Tyson, Patty Hurst, Jim Bakker and OJ Simpson and is now a member of the defense team in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

His notable quote:  The defendant wants to hide the truth because he’s generally guilty. The defense attorney’s job is to make sure the jury does not arrive at that truth.

Sun – planet of celebrity – dominates his chart and Mercury – the scholar and academic – and Jupiter – planet of law – have above average power.

His chart progressed to January 21, 2020

Birth certificate data is September 1, 1938 at 11.28pm EWT (40N36; 73W56)

When he made his controversial ‘it cannot be impeachable’ claim progressed Sun in his chart (Donald Trump) at 20S04 in house 6 was parallel birth chart Moon at 20S29 in house 7 (the defendant); and progressed Moon at 19S39 was parallel progressed Sun.

Progressed Venus at 25 Scorpio 55R in house 6 was square (obstacle) birth chart Jupiter at 25 Aquarius 44R in house 10 and cusp ruler of house 7 (the defendant).

Progressed Mars (arguments and confrontation) at 17 Libra 48 in house 5 was opposition (separation) birth chart Saturn (responsibility and loss) at 17 Aries 08R in house 11 (Congress) and cusp ruler of house 11 (trials).

Progressed Mercury (controversy) at 21 Sagittarius in house 7 was square (obstacle) birth chart Neptune (spin and confusion) at 20 Virgo 26 in house 5; and progressed ascendant (him) at 16 Leo 12 in house 3 was opposition (separation) birth chart Midheaven (his reputation).

His progressed chart at the time of the impeachment trial is defined by high discord square (obstacle) and opposition (separation) aspects.

His chart’s astrodyne report

Author: DW Sutton

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