Major progressed aspects

Your birth chart is a map of your character or not-conscious mind.

The planets are markers for dynamic psychological urges and the zodiac signs are markers for attitudes and behavior traits. And the major-life events – mapped in the chart – are attracted into your life as the planets progress and form progressed aspects.

Major progressions may go by other names but they’re the one day for a year progressions.

The planet’s movements each solar day or 24 hours after your birth equate to one year in your life.

So their progressed motion during the first day of your life indicates the major structural changes taking place in your character’s thought-structure during the first year of your life.

And their progressed motion during the thirtieth day indicates the major structural changes taking place during the thirtieth year.

A progressed aspect can be formed by a progressed planet and a birth chart planet or a progressed planet and another progressed planet.

Progressed aspects have a 1° orb.

So… an aspect starts when the two planets are 1° from perfect. This represents the aspect’s start date. 

The aspect’s peak date is reached when the aspect is perfect.

And the aspect’s end date is when the two planets move beyond the 1° orb.

The calculation of the progressed chart and the start, peak and finish dates of the progressed aspects on a specified date is done by a computer program.

A major event signified by a major progressed aspect can occur at any time during the wide time-frame specified by its start and end dates, but is more likely to occur around the date it is perfect.

So, what’s going on?

The planets in your birth chart by their house positions and aspects define events which are inclined to when their birth chart markers are activated by a major progression.

What’s going on – your personal state of play on a selected date – is displayed in your major progressed chart.  

It acts as a reference point and provides astrological data.

The event mapped by a specified progressed aspect involves the life-matters, activities and people ruled by the houses where the planets involved in the aspect are located and/or the houses they rule by sign.

The science of major progressed aspects is well documented but very few astrology students have taken the time to learn and understand the science.

Fortune-teller type astrologers use transit progressions when forecasting events. They observe a transit progressed planet forming an aspect with a birth chart planet and rely on their hunches, inklings and acquired astrological knowledge to assess the event that's inclined to occur.

But as major events mapped by major progressed aspects always occur when there’s a transit aspect to one of the planets involved in the aspect we suggest that the event that's attributed to a transit aspect by the fortune-teller type astrologer is mapped by the major progressed aspect.

And, as the influence of the major progressed planets is quite significant the fortune-teller type astrologer who doesn't progress the birth chart will inevitably miss the major life events they mark for.

Author: DW Sutton

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