Jack Dorsey#

November 29, 2021: Jack Dorsey tweets that he is stepping down immediately as CEO of Twitter Inc though he will stay on the board until his term expires in 2022.

His chart progressed to November 29, 2021

Progressed Midheaven at 10 Leo 15 (his business interests) in house 11 was square progressed Uranus – planet of change and cusp ruler of house 6 (work) – at 10 Scorpio 58 in house 2 (his finances).

There’s progressed discord in his chart in 2021 so Jack has been having problems and a rather tough time of it lately.   

Progressed Sun at 12 Capricorn 51 is square (obstacle-conflict) birth chart Pluto at 13 Libra 15 his dominant planet in house 1 (his personal interests); and in 2022 the Sun moves to form a square aspect with progressed Pluto.

Progressed Venus (loved ones and affectional matters) at 28 Aquarius 40 in house 6 (work) is square (obstacle-conflict) birth chart Mars at 28 Scorpio 48 in house 3 (his thinking, mental health and relations with close relatives).

And progressed Mars at 1 Capricorn 44 in house 4 (his home life) is sesquisquare (disturbing-agitation) birth chart Saturn at 16 Leo 49 in house 11 (friends) and cusp ruler of house 5 (his love life and Twitter’s share price).  He would have experienced major losses through his friends although Saturn is his weakest planet.

He’s made this major life change under progressed discord and Uranus is very unpredictable and changeable so don’t be surprised if he suddenly reverses his decision. It’s something previous experience reveals he’s inclined to do.   

With Uranus in house 2 he’s a big fan of bitcoin and with 8 planets below the horizon he keeps his personal life private so it doesn’t come to the attention of the public.  

His Twitter account gets hacked

August 30, 2019: Jack Dorsey’s personal Twitter account is breached with the hacker (Pluto) posting and retweeting numerous racist tweets (Uranus).

His chart progressed to August 30, 2019

Progressed Mars in house 4 at 00 Capricorn 03 was sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Saturn (security failure) in house 11; progressed Sun in house 4 at 10 Capricorn 34 – the cusp ruler of house 12 (covert activity by secret enemies) – was sextile progressed Uranus (shock events) in house 2; and progressed Venus at 26 Aquarius 08 in house 5 was square (obstacle) birth chart Jupiter and progressed Moon at 21 Taurus 28 was conjunction progressed Jupiter at 21 Taurus 32R in house 9 (public messaging).


Author: DW Sutton

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