Donald Trump Jr.

November 1, 2023: Donald Trump Jr. testifies in the New York attorney general’s fraud lawsuit trial which is limited to how much the defendants Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump should pay in damages. The brothers are both executive vice-presidents at the Trump Organization. Judge Engoron has already found the Trump Organization exaggerated its wealth and falsified business records.

His chart progressed to November 1, 2023

Birth data is December 31, 1997 at 5.20pm EST: 40N36; 73W59 (Manhattan, New York). It’s from Ivana Trump, his mother: ’The clock on the wall said five twenty pm. Start to finish my entire labor and delivery lasted twenty minutes.’ It’s highly likely that this is the time on his birth certificate. It has a ± two minute margin of error.

Events markers for testifying in a court case are a progressed aspect to Jupiter and the ruler of house 9.

Progressed Sun – his desire for significance and sense of self importance – at 26 Aquarius 43 in house 8 (taxes and debt) was trine progressed Jupiter at 26 Gemini 06R – the cusp ruler of house 9 – in house 12 (disappointment).

Progressed Mercury at 17 Aquarius 57 in house 8 was sextile progressed Neptune – the planet of fraud and cusp ruler of house 9 – at 18 Sagittarius 01 in house 6.

Progressed Venus at 11S53 – the cusp ruler of house 4 (his father) – (maybe) in house 9 was parallel progressed Sun at 12S36 and birth chart Saturn at 12N45.

Progressed Moon at 16N55 in house 11 was parallel progressed Mercury at 17S26; parallel progressed Uranus as 16S22; and parallel progressed Midheaven at 17N11. 

The event was timed by transit Midheaven inconjunct birth chart Jupiter (house 9) and transit Mercury sextile progressed Neptune (house 9).

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were retrograde when he was born and have been retrograde all his life. Their desires are somewhat repressed.

In 1995 when he was 18 progressed Pluto at 16 Libra 41 in house 4 (his father) turned retrograde and moved to form a conjunction aspect with birth chart Pluto at 16 Libra 36.

New York attorney general’s fraud lawsuit trial

Along with his father and siblings Donald Trump Jr. is a co-defendant in a trial that will determine how much the defendants should pay in damages for fraudulently exaggerating (Neptune) the wealth and falsifying the business records of the Trump Organization; and progressed discord in his chart indicates he will incur a massive fine. 

Progressed Sun at 26 Aquarius 43 – the cusp ruler of house 2 (his finances) in house 8 – is trine progressed Jupiter – planet of finances – at 26 Gemini 06R in house 12 (crime and punishment) activating their birth chart opposition; and opposition progressed Saturn – planet of loss –at 27 Leo 10R in house 2.

Progressed Mercury at 17 Aquarius 57 is square progressed Midheaven (his business interests and reputation) at 17 Taurus 56. This high-discord progression is currently under strong stimulation > progressed Moon at 16N55 is parallel progressed Mercury at 17S26 and parallel progressed Midheaven at 17N11. 

He was found guilty of fraud (Neptune) with progressed Mercury sextile progressed Neptune. Mercury is conjunction Neptune in his birth chart.

His chart’s astrodyne report

Ascendant and Mars (in house 1) dominant. Ascendant is square (obstacle) Pluto in house 4 mapping a personality clash with his father and coercive control by him. 

Ascendant is in the revelation decanate of Cancer so he’s very emotional and struggles with sensual desires and the limitations imposed by death. Ascendant discord inclines towards problems due to negative mediumship.

Mars is in the rulership decanate of Leo. It’s discordant so he’s inclined to dominate. It’s sesquisquare (agitation) Mercury in house 6 (sickness), square Uranus in house 5 (his 5 children) and is cusp ruler of house 10 (his reputation).

Sun is in the martyrdom decanate of Capricorn so he’s hard working, ambitious and persistent and can suffer due to his personal beliefs and objectives. It’s opposition Jupiter in house 12 (crime) and square Pluto (criminal activity).

Moon is in the renunciation decanate of Virgo so he’s predisposed to give up the dash for cash lifestyle in order to work on behalf of others. It’s square Mercury and Neptune and his mind is prone to host crazy thoughts and out-of-control imaginings.  

Mercury is in the illumination decanate of Sagittarius so when he grows up he’ll become a more worthwhile citizen. His father has the Moon in the same degree indicating inherited mental traits.

Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and Sun are prominent. 

Moon, Mercury and Uranus – the mental planets – are all non-prominent.

With Jupiter prominent and Saturn his weakest planet he’s a rich boy by birth who’s suffered no financial hardship but Saturn in house 2 of his birth chart indicates heavy financial losses. 

Author: DW Sutton

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