Rose McGowan

February 24, 2020: Rose McGowan, an early Weinstein accuser, in an interview on BBC’s Newshour program says: ‘The little girl I was when I was hurt, she’s ecstatic... This is a great day. The trash has been taken out. The fact that we are white women and attractive and of some means and it still took this many of us to even get him to have one day in court – just tells you…how almost impossible it is to even be heard, period, let alone [get] any kind of conviction.’

On October 10, 2017 McGowan stated that Harvey Weinstein had behaved inappropriately toward her and via Twitter, attacked other men in the movie industry, tweeting: ‘All of you Hollywood ‘A-list’ golden boys are LIARS...You all knew.’ On October 12, 2017 she alleged Weinstein had raped her.

Rose McGowan’s chart progressed to February 24, 2020

Her birth registry data is September 5, 1973 at 11.38pm CET (43N33; 11E02 – Certaldo, Italy)

On February 24, 2020 when Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape progressed Midheaven in her chart at 3 Aries 35 in house 11 was square birth chart Saturn at 3 Cancer 14 in house 1 (her) and cusp ruler of house 9 (court cases); opposition birth chart Pluto – planet of coercion – at 3 Libra 28 in house 5 (sex), and sextile birth chart Jupiter at 3 Aquarius 12 in house 9 (court cases).

Progressed Jupiter at 3 Aquarius 12 in house 9 was trine (luck) birth chart Pluto; progressed Mercury at 22 Scorpio 59 in house 6 was trine (luck) progressed ascendant at 23 Cancer 21 in house 2; and progressed Moon at 12 Virgo 51 was conjunction birth chart Sun in house 4.

House 5 (entertainment, films and sex) plays a prominent role in her life story; Sun – planet of men – has a discordyne score (square Neptune and ascendant) indicating problems with men; and Mars – planet of rape – is in house 12 (secrets).

With Sun trine (luck) Mars she won the fight and the sexual predator (Mars) ended up behind bars (house 12).

Her chart’s astrodyne report

Author: DW Sutton

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