Gloria Steinem

Birth certificate data is March 25, 1934 at 10.00pm EST; 83W33-41N39 (Toledo, Ohio). The chart has a ± 7 minute margin of error and Venus moved to house 3 at 9.54.40pm and Jupiter moved to house 11 at 9.55.28pm.

Her chart’s astrodyne report

Her dominate planet-key decanate profile

Dominant planet Mercury – intellectual effort, writing, journalism

Sun-Aries-first decanate: Individuality – I am – activity

Moon-Leo-first decanate: Mentality – I will – rulership

Ascendant-Scorpio-second decanate: Personality – I desire – responsibility

With this decanate profile her character and life are defined by activity, rulership and responsibility – pioneering activity that shows the way, a natural capacity to manage and administer, a powerful love nature, intense sexual needs, a strong sense of duty and positions of responsibility.

Mercury – the dominant planet – indicates the outstanding bias of her endeavors.

Her story

Gloria Steinem became a feminist journalist and social-political activist – (along with Betty Friedan) the most important feminist reformer of the Second-Wave of the Women’s Movement in the United States.

In 1968 she took a job at New York magazine – quickly rose to prominence as a feminist leader – and in 1971 co-founded the National Women's Political Caucus.

In 1972 she co-founded Ms, magazine – the feminist movement’s most influential publication – and in 1974 co-founded the Coalition of Labor Union Women.

In 1993 her social contribution and talent for leadership was acknowledged when she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Steinem is the recipient of the National Gay Rights Advocates Award, the Sara Curry Humanitarian Award (2007), the United Nations’ Ceres Medal, the United Nations’ Society of Writers Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2013), the Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize (2015), and the Ban Ki-moon Award for Women’s Empowerment (2017).

Author: DW Sutton

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