Sandra Day O’Connor

Birth certicate data is March 26, 1930 at 1.10am MST; 106W29-31N45 (El Paso, Texas)

Her chart’s astrodyne report

Her dominate planet-key decanate profile

Dominant planet Saturn – work, organization, responsibility, economy and justice

Sun-Aries-first decanate: Individuality – I am – activity

Moon-Aquarius-third decanate: Mentality – I know – repression

Ascendant-Capricorn-first decanate: Personality – I use – organization

With this decanate profile her character and life are defined by activity, repression and organization – pioneering activity that leads the way, the unconscious repression of painful experiences and effective improvement through organization, coordination and cost-cutting.

Saturn – the dominant planet – indicates the outstanding bias of her endeavors.

Her story

Sandra Day O’Connor became a jurist and the first female member of the Supreme Court of the United States.

From 1958-1960 she practiced law in Phoenix; in 1969 she was appointed to the Arizona State Senate; and in 1973 she was the first woman in the US to hold the position of state senate majority leader.

In 1979 she was appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals and on September 21, 1981 was appointed to the Supreme Court.

On August 12, 2009 President Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Her son reckons: ‘If my mother is not busy organizing something (Capricorn) or giving directions (Aries), she’s not happy.’

Author: DW Sutton

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