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October 13, 2016:  The U.N. General Assembly appoints by acclamation, Antonio Guterres, as the next United Nations Secretary-General, to succeed Ban Ki-moon on December 31.

December 13, 2016:  Antonio Guterres is sworn in as the ninth United Nations Secretary-General, pledging to personally help broker peace in various conflicts and reform the 71-year old world body to become more effective.

Guterres, the former Prime Minister of Portugal and the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees from 2005-2015 told the 193-member General Assembly: “The U.N. must be ready to change.

Our most serious shortcoming — and here I refer to the entire international community — is our inability to prevent crises.

The United Nations was born from war. Today we must be here for peace. Where prevention fails, we must do more to resolve conflicts. As part of my good offices I am ready to engage personally in conflict resolution where it brings added value.”

Guterres said he would make conflict (Mars) prevention (Saturn) his top priority.

“From the acute crises in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan and elsewhere, to long-running disputes including the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, we need mediation, arbitration as well as creative diplomacy."

In regard to Syria he said he hopes to be an “honest broker, creating the conditions for confidence to be established” to find a solution.

“This is a war in which nobody is winning; this is a war in which everybody is losing.

It’s a threat for everybody around the world; it is high time to put an end to this nonsense.”

Antonio Guterres’ birth chart

His chart’s astrodyne report

According to the weekly Portuguese paper, Expresso, Antonio Guterres was born April 30, 1949 at 12.30am GDT,Parede, Portugal (9W21; 38N41).

It claims the data is from his birth certificate, but the birth time won’t be precise.

Some rounding will have occurred so a plus or minus 5 minute margin of error should be allowed.

The ascendant moved to Capricorn at 12.28.20am so if he was born before then Sagittarius is his rising sign but this is the only structural change in the chart within the margin of error so the planets house positions and the chart’s astrodynes can be considered reliable.

This brief assessment of his birth chart is chiefly interested in his role as the world’s top diplomat and what he hopes to achieve as Secretary General of the United Nations. And at this very dangerous time in history Guterres could be just who the world needs. He has the astrological credentials to achieve his stated aims and goals.

Uranus, planet of change, reform and original thinking, with 61 astrodynes and 10.5% of the chart’s power is the dominant planet.

It marks for a not-conscious thought-cell group expressing a powerful desire for originality, independence and inventiveness through work and public service (house 6).

The Sun, planet of politics and authority; Mars, planet of strife, energy and conflict; Saturn, planet of security, prevention and persistence; Venus, planet of friendship and peace; and Pluto, planet of cooperation, all have above average power.

So their not-conscious thought-cell correlates have the power to demonstrate what they desire.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Taurus, Guterres is stability personified.

His remarkable endurance, industry and application have seem him steadily rise to the position of the world’s top diplomat and with the Sun conjunction Mars he’s got the fight and the energy to keep on keeping on.

The Sun-Venus conjunction is in the first decanate – determination – and he has the ability to crystallize conditions to his desires by the power of his imagination.

And with the Moon-Mercury conjunction in the third decanate – mastership – he has the ability to use his physical powers to attain spiritual ends.

Guterres is a spiritual man driven by noble ideals and he has used his positional power to minister to the wants and needs of those suffering misfortune.

But all things considered the extraordinary aspect in his chart – the one that will see him personally involved in brokering peace in various world conflicts – is the ascendant-Mars-Saturn grand trine.

Guterres has stated “From the acute crises in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan and elsewhere, to long-running disputes including the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, we need mediation, arbitration as well as creative diplomacy.” And this aspect provides him with the astrological credentials to do just that.

Capricorn, the sign of diplomacy, on the ascendant is trine (luck) Mars the planet of war and conflict and trine (luck) Saturn, the planet of security and prevention and their grand trine will provide him with a huge amount of luck when resolving ‘acute crises’ at a time when all else has failed.

Antonio Guterres takes over as the world’s top diplomat on January 1, 2017 and will hold the post for the next five years.

July 18, 2021: Guterres is unanimously re-elected for a second five-year term by the 193-member United Nations General Assembly.

Author: DW Sutton

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