The new Aquarian Age civilization is a developing story that currently involves Aquarius, Cetus, the sea monster, the Sun – planet of political power and domination, Pluto – the planet of division and disunity, the planets in the sky and the progressed aspects forming in the Aquarian Age chart.

It started January 19, 1881 and the great changes that have taken place in the world since then are the result of astrological energies being liberated in the Aquarian Age chart.

Our knowledge of Aquarius is grounded upon our understanding of Natural Law.

In the light of this knowledge we can look at the world today and analyze and discuss what’s going on.

We know, from irrefutable astrological law, that this is a period of radical change, intellectual advancement and technological progress.

And we know that the good Earth does not produce its wealth until the soil is plowed and the seed-bed prepared.

From the astrological pointers we know that this is a period of danger and hazard.

Cetus, the sea monster warns of discord.

We know that the affairs of the world are determined by the actions of people with a little help from the planets.

The current state of play is a powerful situational force that represents the starting point of humanity’s future.

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius is the age of knowledge, invention, electronic marvels and information technology.

Aquarius placed satellites in the sky and built the World Wide Web, but an information superhighway has always existed there.

Aquarius is inviting humanity to become enlightened – to experience true self-understanding – but too much of the new data is beyond comprehension.

And this puts you right back in the Age of Pisces blindly believing the voice of authority.

Pisces represents simple fundamentalism – blind belief – and Aquarius represents truthful knowledge – scientific facts – and in the 21st-century we’re enduring the pangs of these conflicting ideologies.

Can you trust your information provider to report the facts accurately?

Aquarius has arrived, but there are too many obsolete Piscean institutions and beliefs that won't go away and too many souls who see the Earth's natural resources as fair game.

In the Age of Aquarius the central pathway will be defined by altruistic endeavor.

Saturn and Uranus

In the 21st Century Aquarius is being guided by materialism, consumerism, capitalism, greed, cries for freedom, human-rights and democracy.

There’s a cosmic battle being fought between Saturn and Uranus.

It represents a mighty clash between two dynamic astrological forces.

Due to greed and selfishness planet earth is in critical condition but no matter the cost the desire to make more and more money must be allowed to fulfill itself.

In the Age of altruism self-interest is the primary driver.

Greed and materialism dominate the market place.

Saturn’s fear of poverty drives the economic agenda on an international, national and personal level.

He’s performing a debt-defying act.

The chances are you’re a debt slave to the bank.

You’re buying your material comforts and devices with other people’s money.

The market views you as a consumption machine.

Uranus is the planet of liberty but he hasn’t liberated you from your bondage to fear and want.

Uranus is the planet of democracy.

He demands government by the people for the people.

His technology is driving the Aquarian Age change revolution.

Life and society are changing fast.

But rapid technological change driven by scientific biological data could be separating you from your spiritual aspirations.

Aquarius wants the facts of life and spiritual enlightenment – not a new dark age.

The Sun section

What form of government will encompass the world in the age of knowledge depends upon the intelligence, integrity and courage of our representative democracies which, with all their present faults, exemplify the finest quality of Aquarius.

You can be sure that in time one general, single form of government will be the dominant political force around the globe.


Pluto attains significance due to his recent discovery in 1930 and the fact that he represents the cooperation principle which opposes Saturn’s selfishness agenda.

The future of the Aquarian Age rests on the outcome of this battle being fought between selfish competition and spiritual cooperation.

Pluto has sourced a post-modern dream that's materialistic, self-serving, power hungry, irreligious, money seeking, selfish and meaningless and it's a very bad dream.

The world’s laboratories are jam-packed with scholastic dictators who are driven by a Godless, atheistic agenda.

The universe is a purely physical structure composed of physical parts.

Science does the easy stuff and then criticizes those who go a little further.

Scientific man has dethroned God.

Nuclear weapons and destructive bio-technology can annihilate life.

The world’s divided.

You're focused on the obvious threats – political incompetence, terrorism, war, deadly weapons, stranger-danger, economic uncertainty and unemployment – so the subtle dangers escape your attention.

You know about the political division, social disunity, crime, financial inequality and social suffering.

You can feel the fear and torment.

The misinformation, subtle distortions, spin-doctoring and lies are not so obvious.

Eternal vigilance is needed.

The stakes are high.

Author: DW Sutton

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