Finances, commerce, religion and plenty

Jupiter is the planet of finances, commerce, religion and plenty. He’s a business planet – the planet of expansion, economic growth, abundance and prosperity. 

Jupiter is the planet of capitalism. Mars manufactures products that Jupiter sells. By selling more he expands the economy and creates wealth and jobs. He thinks bigger profits, bigger trade deals, bigger television screens and bigger waistlines are a sure sign of prosperity.

He rules selling, sales, rising prices, the profit motive, commerce, trade, treaties, ships and shipping; and he’s created a world of trade blocs.

Jupiter sees government intervention as bad and deregulation as good and he wants everyone to share in the Aquarian Age financial bonanza.

Abundance and prosperity

Jupiter is the planet of plenty – the economic prosperity that governments strive for. But cyclic periods of expansion and prosperity give way to periods of contraction and austerity (Saturn).

Jupiter’s hope and optimism and Saturn’s fear and pessimism express through the market to cause economic ups and downs. The market is comprised of human actors who always act in their own self-interest.

Chances are you’ve been taught that money is good and that financial abundance is your only protection against poverty, scarcity, insecurity and hardship. So, your financial life is a dash for cash.

Everyone wants more. The top executives want their bonuses and the shareholders want their dividends. Wealth can buy them luxury items, favors and happiness.

But an unregulated desire for more, operating in a winner takes all society, breeds corruption and fraud (Neptune). Financial calamities do enormous damage.

The evidence reveals that Jupiter is the least intelligent planet. He runs on faith, hope and chance and has no capacity to reason logically. 

He measures success in terms of wealth and proclaims that wealth and a large income are the supreme happiness providers. He’s such a shallow thinker.

His misguided abundance thinking causes a lot of damage; and you’re relying on your political leaders to legislate a fairer and more even distribution of your nation’s wealth.

Jupiter needs to realize that simple abundance will suffice.

Religion and morality

Jupiter is optimistic, cheerful, warm, benevolent, charitable, generous, right-minded, honest and virtuous.

According to data released in 2014 there are 4,200 religions in the world and they’re all ruled by Jupiter. They provide religious teachings and practices and the size of their congregations varies greatly.

Christianity has 2.1 billion followers. It has two main sections – Protestants and Catholics.

Buddhism has approximately 1.6 billion followers; Islam has 1.5 billion followers called Muslims; and Hinduism has approximately 950 million followers.

Jupiter preaches an orthodox religious message. His fundamental religious teachings provide humanity with a moral code. His moral compass is there to guide humanity.

Jupiter encourages Mars to forgive his enemies. He assists others, does favors and forgives. His benevolence and charity quickly respond to a cry for help. He’s the Good Samaritan who’s ready to lend a helping hand.

His money finances rescue missions and solutions to social problems.

Jupiter expresses tolerance, good-will, benevolence, charity and faith. His tolerance respects difference. He’s the planet of mercy.

Jupiter’s goodwill antidotes suspicion and distrust. His faith steps in when rational thought fails to solve the problem. But, since 1980 there’s been a breakdown in religious values, an erosion of decency and an age of moral chaos. Ethical standards have plummeted.

The priests and bishops have been behaving badly. And when good ‘religious’ people do devilish deeds you’re likely to question the role of religion in your life.

The judicial system

Jupiter provides a law report and law-reform is on the Aquarian Age agenda.

He rules legal matters, courts, judges, the World Court, Supreme Court and conflict resolution by arbitration.

Jupiter taught some businessmen that if they owe the bank $1 million dollars they’re in trouble; but if they owe the bank $100 million the bank’s in trouble.

An epidemic of white-collar crime has placed the judicial system under severe stress. There are more corporate criminals than murderers and the tax cheats and corrupt businessmen easily avoid their day in court.

Jupiter rules publishing, advertising, teaching, teachers, the public expression of opinions, lecturing and philosophy. He provides a book report.

Hope springs eternal

A dysfunctional Jupiter is extravagant, self-indulgent and conceited.

Conceited biologists claim that superior genes intelligently drift to the top of the gene pool and that wealth and the capacity to make lots of money is a sure sign of genetic superiority. And the gospel according to science denies the existence of a Supreme intelligence.

Jupiter’s banks and financial institutions have chosen a godless philosophy where money is the only goodness. There are incredible financial inequalities between Jupiter’s haves and Saturn’s have nots.

Jupiter’s ancient Piscean Age religions continue to preach faith-based teachings and their disciples have been behaving very badly.

And it’s highly likely that you’re inclined to believe that your position on the status ladder is measured by your wealth, pay-grade and post-code.

But thanks to Jupiter hope springs eternal.

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