The perils of Pluto

Every now and then evil is let loose on the land.

Welcome to the Pluto-period of the Age of Aquarius.

Lower-Pluto is threatening humanity’s spiritual welfare and future.

Its ruthless and treacherous thought-force has no social conscience and no concern for the welfare of others.

Its purpose is to destroy God’s great evolutionary plan.

Its weapons include terror, fear, misinformation and atheism.

It employs fear and division to stifle human progress.

What’s going on?

Lower-Pluto simply gets his cohorts into positions where they can do the most damage.

They’re making the rules to suit themselves and they’re delirious with power.

Non-elected corporate executives have the political and economic power to control the world’s agenda.

Corporate criminals are directing the world’s economic development.

Coercion and inversion have taken the lead role in world affairs.

All developed countries engage in economic and military coercion and coercion is considered a legitimate means to the end.

In one-party democratic dictatorships the opposition is either shot or thrown into prison.

Lower-Pluto endorses selfishness, ruthless competition and the win at any cost mentality.

Its selfish economic practices are destroying people’s lives.

Lower-Pluto shoots his opponent or enemy.

He’s actively engaged in undermining democracy.

Through terror, dread, horror, duress, threats and intimidation he’s intent on the deliberate and systematic brutalization of the human soul.

Lower-Pluto is globalizing hate, greed, terrorism and fear.

He’s overseeing declining civility and decency standards in public behavior.

His cesspool of putrid thoughts and feelings has to be challenged but personally avoided.

Special privilege and special interest groups are using subtle inversion to create a public opinion that’s favorable to their purpose.

There’s a climate of coercion.

It’s used to force countries to cooperate.

Lower-Pluto is the dictator leader who guides, controls and herds the group.

He’s the force driving international obsessions like gambling and drug abuse.

Lower-Pluto is engaged in a calculated reign of death, terror and destruction.

His henchmen are the enemies of enlightenment, freedom and progress.

Lower-Pluto disparages others based on color, religion, class or social standing.

He encourages division, mindless subservience and the acceptance and adoration of special privilege.

He’s the force behind the terror, hate and fear.

Lower-Pluto stands for materialism and the belief system that adores the body and ignores the mind.


Lower-Pluto is a very talented crook.

He’s the godfather of crime, criminals, criminal gangs, organized crime networks, gangsters, racketeers, corruption and extortion.

The US is a high-crime society.

Lower-Pluto is depraved, vicious, brutal, ferocious, remorseless, sinister and pitiless.

He’s a murderous thug.

Hundreds of murders are committed every day worldwide.

Kidnapping is typical of Pluto.

It’s estimated that 200,000 children are kidnapped each year in China.

Lower-Pluto is a spiritual terrorist.

It’s the virus infecting spirituality.

His coercion, threats, harassment and manipulative behavior are frequently observed in human relationships.

Lower-Pluto is the master manipulator.

S/he might seem like a sweet and innocent lamb, but s/he’s really a wolf.

Religious inspired terrorism

Straight from the depths of hell comes religious-inspired terrorism.

With God’s approval everything is permitted.

When God approves, whatever you’re doing must be good.

Lower-Pluto easily distorts the fundamental religious message.

He capitalizes on ignorance.

Lower-Pluto drives the truck-bomb.

He’s the fanatical suicide bomber strapped to kill.

Humanity with all its knowledge remains frightened of death, disease, poverty and violence.

Author: DW Sutton

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