The home, family and everyday people

The Moon rules the home and family. She’s a home-maker and care-giver –  family comes first – and Aquarius is re-inventing the family.

There’s the nuclear family, the blended family, the defacto family, the gay family, the one parent family, the no children family and the single person family. There are many people who don’t have a family.

The home can be a happy place or a battlefield.

In some democracies the welfare of the family is an important political issue.

In politics the Moon rules women and the common people.

The common people

In January 2022 the world’s population was estimated at 7.9 billion people. Most are ruled by the Moon.

They’re identified as the common people, the masses, civilians, ordinary folk or everyday people. In the Age of Pisces they were called commoners.

As the general populace they represent the greater part of humanity. They marry, have children, make a home and struggle to survive. They’re the ones most affected by poverty, war, disease and natural disaster. Governments promise relief and assistance.

They bear the brunt of Jupiter’s rising prices and Saturn’s recessed economic conditions. Their purchasing power keeps the economy chugging along and they aspire to move up the socio-economic ladder. It’s not easy.

The common people have an important role to play in a democracy. They elect political representatives who govern and administer their nation’s economic and other affairs. In a free and fair election the Moon is largely responsible for whoever gets elected.

The masses are governed by the Sun people, informed by the Mercury people, protected by the Mars people and electronically connected by the Uranus people.

Food and groceries

The Moon rules food and groceries.

In 2022 the world is battling its worst hunger crisis this century with 274 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The vast majority live in developing countries.

In 2021 hunger killed 11 people every minute compared to 7 covid-19 deaths according to a study by John Hopkins University.

In developed countries eating is all the rage. The great fast-food pig out (eating is ruled by Mars) is a western-world phenomenon. People feast on gourmet foods, exotic foods, plain foods, fresh foods, frozen foods, fast foods, slow foods and delicacies. 

A Moon checklist

The Moon rules the home, family, bread and butter issues, masses of common people and silver.

She’s motivated by feelings and hunches, is listless and easily bored, has an insatiable appetite for gossip and novelty and is inclined to develop digestive and eating disorders.

Each month the Moon forms a conjunction aspect with the Sun. It signals the start of the lunar month.

Each new Moon cycle chart is a general forecast model of events and conditions that are predisposed to occur during the next 29 days.

A progressed aspect to the Moon in any global cycle chart forecasts an event affecting a large number of people.

Author: DW Sutton

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