Schemes, visions and beautiful deceptions

Neptune is the planet of utopian ideals and grand schemes.

He’s on an idealistic search for blissful endings.

He supports humanitarian schemes, schemes for social betterment and idealistic schemes to help those in distress.

He pledges financial aid.

Neptune is the planet of scams.

A scam is a dishonest scheme.

Neptune’s grand vision of life is not selfish.

He rules socialism.

It’s a political philosophy that believes there is no need for social inequalities and that existing inequalities are due to commercial competitiveness and capitalism’s profit-driven agenda.

Neptune is a friend of the common folk, but he does engage in impractical Hollywood thinking and foggy notions.

The utopian enterprise, visionary legislation or political plan that promises a marvelous panacea is often just a pipe dream.

At election time he makes promises to win your vote, but they’re often broken later on.

Neptune is driven by idealistic visions.

Beautiful deceptions

Neptune is the planet of deception.

He blurs the facts, magnifies trifles, exaggerates the expectations, inflates the hopes, overstates the numbers, beats about the bush, avoids the real issue and plays the lying game.

He has great difficulty in seeing and facing reality.

With Neptune things are not quite what they seem to be.

He’s a trickster, imposter, con-man, charlatan, swindler, sham and masquerader.

He can be a mirage.

He’s your partner in the dance of deception.

He can fake anything.

Neptune is the cosmic patron of fraud.

He’s the white-collar criminal.

White-collar crime refers to financially motivated, nonviolent crime committed by business and government professionals.

It’s the principal crime of the 21st-century.

Neptune engages in corporate fraud, internet fraud, social security fraud, taxpayer fraud, illegal money transfers, counterfeiting, forgery, the misuse of personal ID documents, the misuse of client’s funds, non-violent financial abuse and wage theft.

He deals in deceit, dishonesty, non-existent bogey men, graft, blackmail, insider trading, bribery, kickbacks and hush money.

When he’s found out he goes into damage control.

He lies, covers up, mixes the message, confuses the issue, goes into denial or becomes so vague he can’t remember.

Oil and gas

Neptune is planet of oil and gas.

They’re energies that drive the world.

The wealthy developed countries are gas-guzzlers and their economic growth and high living standards depend on liquid gold.

Neptune is the planet of inflation – an economic bogey man.

Inflation means rising prices and when prices rise you can’t buy as much and your living standards start to fall.


Neptune is the planet of drugs and drug traffickers.

Pain-killers, magic pills and chemical cocktails can quickly fix your mental, emotional and physical pain.

He’s a quick-fix anti-depressant superstar.

It’s so easy to get hooked.

Drugs allow you to escape unbearable personal realities.

Neptune has promised you smart drugs that will defy father time.

There’s a worldwide drug problem.

The buying and selling of legal and illegal drugs is the world’s second biggest industry.

Neptune rules the pharmaceutical industry and drug culture.

Big pharma and the drug store could be keeping you alive.

Flights of fancy

Neptune is the planet of aviation, air travel and other flights of fancy.

He rules fantasy culture, dramatic art, films, the film industry, actors, movie stars, the imagination industry, mystical study and feeling ESP.

Neptune is acting all the time.

Neptune believes in magic.

He’s the master magician, whiz-kid, great pretender, master of deceit and weaver of tangled webs.

He’s your fantasy identity.

The person you imagine you are in your dreams.

He’s a fantasy thought, an altered state of consciousness, a reality jam-up and

Neptune is the genius planet.

Wishful thinking

Neptune has a talent for wishful thinking.

He’s always chasing rainbows.

He believes in dreams and fairy tale endings, but the road he travels is shrouded in fog and paved with false perceptions, emotional delusions and trickery.

It’s a boulevard of shattered dreams and broken promises.

He dreams of abolishing slavery.

In 2019 there are 27 million people living as slaves.

Neptune dreams of universal brotherhood and a classless society.

He fantasizes about romance, blissful love and easy money.

The great escape

Neptune represents escape culture.

He’s a dream weaver.

You dream of escaping Saturn’s misery, hardship and poverty into a utopian paradise of ease, comfort, luxury and fabulous wealth.

It’s just a beautiful deception.

Neptune is the planet of refugees.

They’re the folk who have been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster.

In June 2016 the United Nations estimated that there are 65.3 million refugees.

But the better life they seek can be a beautiful deception.

Neptune distorts reality

Neptune is the planet of intrigue, confusion and fantasy expectation.

He stimulates the imagination making it difficult to see things clearly.

He exaggerates your expectations.

Good times are made to seem better than they really are.

Bad times are made to seem worse.

With Neptune threatened calamities fizzle out or fail to arrive.

Promised benefits are nowhere near as good as expected.

Neptune spends too much time detached from reality.

Vagueness can see him easily confused and muddled.

He peddles fake-news.

He can get things into an awful mess.

With Neptune you can never be sure about what’s going on.

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